You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah Ending: Do Stacy and Lydia Become Friends Again?

Netflix’s ‘You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah’ focuses on the story of Stacy Friedman and her best friend, Lydia. They have been with each other since they were kids and value their friendship above all else. With their bat mitzvahs around the corner, they are invested in making the best of it. However, things take a wrong turn when a comes between them. A few bad moves and some misunderstandings create a distance between Stacy and Lydia, and for a moment, it looks like this would be the end of their friendship. If you want to know what happens to them in the end, whether they resolve their differences and become friends again, here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah Plot Synopsis

All Stacy wants is to have the best bat mitzvah and date Andy Goldfarb. They don’t fall into the category of popular girls, so when Lydia is invited to hang out with them, she takes Stacy with her. They tag along when the girls go to the ledge, where they meet Andy, among other kids. To impress him, Stacy decides to jump from the ledge into the water. Even though Lydia tells her not to, Stacy jumps and is humiliated when her maxi pad comes out. What hurts Stacy the most is seeing Lydia laughing along with the others.

It leads to an argument that gets worse when Stacy discovers that Lydia didn’t invite her to the party they’d been planning. The final nail in the coffin is when Stacy sees Lydia kissing Andy. From this point forward, the friends stop talking to each other, and Stacy decides to get them to break up so that she can be with Andy. Lydia tries to apologize and make peace between them, but one misstep after another leads things to get worse between them.

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah Ending: Do Stacy and Lydia Reconcile?

Fighting over a boy and spreading rumors about each other is not that big of a deal for Stacy and Lydia. When people around them start to wonder why the girls are not talking to each other anymore, Stacy is advised to patch things up before it’s too late. Lydia’s break up with Andy and Stacy finally kissing him also cools down things between them. On Lydia’s bat mitzvah, Stacy tries to mend things, and she and Lydia go back to being the way they used to be. But then, the entry video plays.

When Stacy and Lydia were still on talking terms, Stacy promised to help Lydia with the video that would play on her bat mitzvah. When they fall out, Stacy makes one with all the videos that no one was supposed to see. These videos contain the fun they had in private, things no one outside their group was supposed to see because it would be humiliating. Stacy makes the video in anger but doesn’t actually plan to play it on Lydia’s bat mitzvah.

When Stacy is caught kissing Andy in the temple, she and her father have a huge fight. During this, Lydia’s mother shows up and asks if the video is ready. Stacy’s mother, Bree, decides to send the video herself because she remembers Stacy said it was done. Bree doesn’t know what Stacy made, and it turns out that Lydia and her family don’t check it either. When the video starts playing, Stacy is stunned. She tries to get it to stop, but it plays till the end, ruining everything for Lydia.

Everyone agrees that this is the meanest thing anyone could ever do and that Stacy didn’t need to stoop so low. She is heartbroken over wrecking her best friend’s day and ruining any chances of them making up. Lydia refuses to talk to her, and with all the shame and guilt, Stacy drops all thoughts about her bat mitzvah. When the day finally arrives, she decides she doesn’t want it. She tries to stay home, but her parents force her to go. They get her to the temple, where she has to read her portion of the Torah. As she begins, she breaks down and starts talking about how she feels guilty about everything.

Stacy talks about Lydia and how her friendship is more important than being with Andy, who doesn’t turn out to be as good a person as Stacy imagined him to be. Once she’s read the entire portion, she runs from the temple to Lydia’s house and asks for her forgiveness. She promises to make things up for her if she comes to her bat mitzvah. Lydia says she probably won’t, but Stacy takes it as a maybe.

In the end, Lydia comes to Stacy’s bat mitzvah, where she discovers that the party is not for Stacy but for her. It turns out that Stacy has given up her bat mitzvah so that Lydia can get a do-over and enjoy the bat mitzvah she deserved. Knowing how important this day was to Stacy, Lydia is moved by her gesture. But Stacy says that it’s more important for her to have her friend back. She now understands which things truly matter to her, and a boy and a party are nothing in front of her best friend. With this, they let go of the bad blood and become best friends again.

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