Review: You Season 2 Episode 6

It is harder to end a story than to start it. In the beginning, you have a clean slate. You can choose any point, even the one that is very close to the ending, and spin your tale however you like it. But when it comes to ending it, you don’t have that freedom anymore. You have to be very specific about how to end, but more importantly, you have to know when to end it, and then just let it be. The first season of ‘You’ ended on a high note, and it could just have been a good miniseries that leaves you restless about the fact that stalker psychos like Joe are still on the loose. But it was decided to take it further with the second season. By far, it doesn’t look like a good decision.

You Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

With Candace refusing to leave him alone, Joe has to come up with something to get rid of her. He doesn’t want it to become another Henderson situation, but if it comes to protecting Love and himself, he is ready to do whatever it takes. Unbeknownst to him, Candace, too, has something planned. She is doing her own research and could very well be a few steps ahead of him. However, another party comes into play and both of them are threatened with the exposure of their secret. Meanwhile, the cops have deduced that Henderson’s death was not a suicide. It is now an active homicide case and Joe has his fingers crossed that he didn’t leave any urine jar behind this time.

You Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Nothing is new under the sun, but that is not the excuse for duplicating your own work. Since the beginning of this season, my only concern has been repetition. Will ‘You’ serve us something new or will it put us back on the loop of all that we already know happens when Joe falls in love? By far, there are very, very few things that have encouraged me to have faith in the show. The angle of Candace gave me hope. She is the real challenge for Joe, and not even in the manner that she will destroy all of his plans, but because she is the constant reminder of what he’s done. She is the mirror that will eventually tell him who he really is.

As opposed to my optimistic expectations, the showrunners of ‘You’ had different plans. Unfortunately, they don’t look very different from the plans they executed in the first season. Take out a couple of things and we are practically watching the same thing all over again. We get that every relationship goes through the phase of infatuation, falling in love, then a break-up, and if both parties want it, a reunion. If they are lucky, a happily ever after. Rom-coms explicitly work on this formula. But, isn’t ‘You’ supposed to be something more?

It is better to tell a new story with the same faces, rather than telling the same story with new faces. The shift of the setting to LA has done nothing for the show; the addition of new characters, by far, has done nothing for the show; and no purposeful strides have been made towards further exploration of Joe’s character. We know the entire story already, why should we have to watch it all over again when we can easily watch some other, better show, that Netflix has no shortage of? To be honest, even predictability is not the problem.

Having seen a gazillion number of shows over the years, there are only a few things that can surprise me, which I am sure also holds true for most of the people out there. We have consumed so much television in the past couple of years that predicting the outcome has become a game for us, the thrill of the chase. And there are only a handful of shows that present a real challenge. But there are stories that keep us invested, in spite of being unsurprising. These shows don’t rely just on the twists and turns, and even if we can see a revelation coming from miles, we still look forward to seeing how it is brought about on the screen. With ‘You’, I feel no such thing.

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