Youthforia Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Season 14 episode 16 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ witnessed entrepreneur Fiona Co Chan present her beauty product line Youthforia. While Fiona is a massive makeup enthusiast, she was disappointed at how most makeup products harm the skin if kept on for a long time. Besides, she also hated how many brands tested their products on animals and used artificial ingredients. Hence, to combat such issues, she came up with Youthforia, a skincare-based makeup line. Well, with interest in Youthforia at an all-time high, let’s jump in and trace the company’s growth, shall we?

Youthforia: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Fiona Co Chan came up with the idea of Youthforia while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree. Besides, after completing her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Dartmouth College, Fiona worked as a software developer in China for a while. However, she was always determined to dive headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship and bring her idea to life. Hence, using her experience as well as education, she came up with a proper business model and moved forward with the dream of producing a skincare-based makeup line that would challenge the conventional options available in today’s market.

Consequently, Youthforia came into existence in January 2020. While it took quite a few prototypes for Fiona to come up with the final products, she has been functioning as the company’s founder and CEO ever since. Talking about her inspiration behind Youthforia, Fiona claimed that while in college, she would typically wear makeup to go out with her friends. Since the outings were pretty tiring, Fiona often fell asleep in her makeup, only to wake up with irritated skin.

The problem developed further when she was working in China as makeup, coupled with pollution, ended up affecting her skin in a bad way. Once Fiona returned to the United States, she was determined to put her mind to the task and devise a proper solution to rival harmful makeup products. Seeing how skincare products nourishes the skin overnight, Fiona wondered if she could combine the same with conventional makeup. Hence, she took her ideas to the lab and developed several prototypes for her new product line.

Besides, the Dartmouth College alumnus even had a unique method of testing each prototype. She would wear the product before going to bed to test how it affected her skin the following morning. Although it took numerous tries for her to come up with the perfect products, Fiona never gave up on her dreams. She was encouraged further by her husband, who tested the products alongside her and ended up coining the name Youthforia.

At present, Fiona takes pride in following the Green Chemistry principles and claims that her products are vegan, green, and cruelty-free. Besides, while Youthforia had done away with fossil fuels in favor of biobased ingredients, their products are at least 90% naturally derived. On top of it, she stated that while her company offers products suitable for each and every skin type, Youthforia products contain a blend found in the Skin Chi complex, which keeps one’s skin glowing and healthy, even after wearing makeup for extended periods.

Youthforia is Innovating in Eco-Friendly Makeup

Although Fiona had a clear picture of what she wanted to achieve, it took a lot of work for her to develop a marketable product. However, using her unique testing method of sleeping in each prototype, Fiona and her husband came up with a perfect makeup line that took no toll on the user’s skin. Interestingly, social media played a massive role in Youthforia’s popularity as the company increased its customer base through viral videos on TikTok.

Besides being featured in prestigious publications and TV shows, Fiona was recognized as an Eco Beauty Hero and won several awards, including the title of Disruptor by the Byrdie Eco Awards. At present, Youthforia creates products suitable for any skin type, and prospective buyers can fill up a questionnaire on their official website for personalized product recommendations.

While most of their products range between $26 to $38, the company does provide customized bundles, which offer additional discounts. Besides, people looking to get their hands on a Youthforia product will find them on their website, the online retail giant Amazon, as well as in all the 488 Ulta stores around the United States. Witnessing Fiona’s rise to the top is truly inspiring, and we are confident that the company will enjoy further success in the near future.

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