15 Telugu Movies You Can Watch on YouTube For Free

Telugu Cinema is one of the biggest movie industries in India. Popularly known as Tollywood, the industry is predominantly based in Hyderabad. After the rise of talkies in the early 1940s, Tollywood started developing from its embryonic stage to the ‘Baahubali’ it is today. The industry, periodically, produced many timeless classics like Maya Bazaar, Narthanashala, Adavi Ramudu, and the recent blockbuster, Baahubali: The Conclusion. In a poll conducted by CNN-IBN to mark the centenary of Indian Cinema, the 1957 Telugu classic ‘Maya Bazaar’ was ranked ‘the greatest Indian film of all time’. From days where regional cinema was ignored, to the days it is looked up to, Telugu Cinema has seen it all. Here is the list of few Telugu movies you can watch online on YouTube for free:

1. Baahubali: The Conclusion

When Baahubali-The Conclusion got  released, I remember, I have never seen a hype surrounding a movie so humongous. Everyone in India was speaking only about and strictly about Baahubali-The Conclusion. Thanks to the cliff-hanger, “Why Did Kattappa Kill Baahubali?” which turned out to be an Internet sensation, post the release of Baahubali-TheBeginning. The openings of the movie catapulted the already-existing hype manifold. It broke all the previous box-office records of Indian Mainstream Cinema. Never-seen-before VFX, extraordinary visuals, and terrific action scenes , and What not!

2. Baahubali: The Beginning

S.S. Rajamouli’s magnum opus, Baahubali: The Beginning is Indian Cinema’s answer to the Hollywood’s epics. Made on budget of over 250 crores, Baahubali is one of the costliest films ever made in India. Baahubali is the tale of two brothers who vie for the throne of Mahishmathi Kingdom. Baahubali: The Beginning marked a new beginning in Indian Cinema. Known for its action sequences and extensive VFX, Baahubali broke many nuances on the art of film-making with its never-before-seen computer graphics.

3. Srimanthudu

Srimanthudu is definitely one of the most novel films to have come out of Telugu Cinema. The central theme of the movie- giving back to the society, was rendered to the screen in a grand yet epic way. And with Superstar Mahesh Babu at the helm, the film catapulted the underlying social message into the masses. Directed by Koratala Siva, Srimanthudu is the story of a rich man  who after knowing his roots, decides to adopt and develop a remote village. The movie was critically acclaimed for its screenplay, and terrific dialogues.

4. Janatha Garage

Janatha Garage put Jr. NTR back in the reckoning. Janatha Garage is another wonderful movie from the pen of Koratala Siva. The movie is about the journey of an environmental student, Anand, who joins an organisation that helps the opressed and the needful. Starring the complete actor, Mohanlal, and NTR Jr., Janatha Garage was a blockbuster that opened shattering box-office records. Terrific acting by some of the greatest actors, arresting screenplay, and thought-provoking dialogues are the biggest assets of Janatha Garage.

5. 1-Nennokadinae

Probably, 1- Nennokadinae is one of the most underrated movies of Indian Cinema. The movie is a brilliant, racy and an emotional ride of a rockstar who suffers from Integration disorder. Superstar Mahesh Babu excelled in the role of a man who cannot know the difference between reality and dreams. Directed by Sukumar, 1-Nennokadinae is a Hollywood notch-thriller, that stands up to its standards, and engages from beginning till end. The movie features a heart-breaking finale, and that needs to experienced than said!

6. Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu

Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu set the trend of multi-starrers in Telugu Cinema.Considered to be a modern classic, Seethama Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu is a fresh and entertaining movie.  Starring Mahesh Babu and Venkatesh in the lead roles, SVSC is a family drama that deals with the feuds between brothers. The movie was critically acclaimed for its perfect portrayal of middle-class nuances. Directed by Srikanth Addala, SVSC is one of the highest grossing Telugu movies at the box-office.

7. Attariniki Daredi

Trivikram Srinivas’ Attarintiki Daredi is one of the most re-watched Telugu movies on the television. The protagonist promises his aging grandfather to reunite him with her estranged daughter. Taking up the job of a driver, he is on a mission to reunite his shattered family. Attarintiki Daredi is undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful family dramas of this era. Starring Powerstar Pawan Kalyan in the lead, Attarintiki Daredi was the highest grossing Telugu movie of its time, until Baahubali: The Beginning surpassed it.

8. Athadu

Athadu is a timeless classic. Trivikram Srinivas broke all the stereotypes of Telugu cinema with his riveting crime drama. Actually, meant to be made with Salman Khan, the director opted out due to scheduling issues. He later made it with Telugu Superstar Mahesh Babu, which undoubtedly remains the actor’s best movie till date. Athadu is the story of professional shooter who is on a run after he is framed for an assassination. With no choice left, he assumes the identity of a dead man to escape from the Police. The movie was critically acclaimed for its near-perfect screenplay, and witty one-liners.

9. Bommarillu

Undoubtedly, Bommarillu is one of the greatest family dramas to have come out of Telugu Cinema. Bommarillu explores the issues between a father and a son, and tries to exploit the space with a heart-warming yet entertaining story. With terrific performances, near-perfect screenplay, witty dialogues, loads of fun, Bommarillu is pitch-perfect.

10. Nenu Local

Nani is one actor whose popularity grew leaps and bounds in the past few years. Off late, he has become the darling of family audiences, given his unshakable image of the boy-next-door. He also gained himself a popular moniker ‘Natural Star’, which aptly suits his ‘natural’ acting. Nenu Local is a love drama starring Nani and Keerthy Suresh in the lead roles. Directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina, the movie is laugh-riot from beginning till end. Watch it for its whistle worthy-dialogues and ‘local’ performances.

11. Temper

Temper is a riveting cop drama starring NTR Jr. Before the release of Temper, the actor’s career was off the radar for a while. But, Temper put him back in the reckoning. His terrific as a corrupted cop whose life changes after a series of dreadful incidents. Directed by the very popular Puri Jagannadh, the movie was critically acclaimed for its peformances, and thought-provoking dialogues. With many edge-of-the-seat moments, Temper is worth a watch!

12. Mirchi

Mirchi was the biggest hit of ‘Baahubali’ Prabhas before the path-breaking Baahubali series. The movie also marked the sensational directorial debut of Koratala Siva. One of the most stylishly shot movies in the recent times, Mirchi is the story of Jai, who is on a mission to change the heart of his rival family. The movie features some stunning action sequences, for which it is highly re-watched. The movie also catapulted the usage of the word ‘dude’ into the Telugu audiences.

13. Shatamanam Bhavathi

Shatamanam Bhavathi is a heart-warming tale of an old couple who yearn for the love of their children who live abroad. Directed by Sathish Vesegna and produced by Dil Raju, the movie is breezy and colorful with its lush visuals and a beautiful background score. Shatamanam Bhavathi swept many awards at ceremonies for its novel plot. It also won the National Award for Best Popular Film providing Wholesome Entertainment.

14. Pilla Zamindar

Though an average fare upon its theatrical release, Pilla Zamindar turned out to be a classic! Years after its theatrical release, the movie was lapped upon by the people for its beautiful story and thought-provoking dialogues. Pilla Zamindar is the journey of a billionaire orphan who must satisfy his late grandfather’s conditions to inherit those billions. And in the process he finds himself. Pilla Zamindar is a beautiful tale of self enlightenment.

15. Yevadu

Starring two superstars, Allu Arjun and Ram Charan, Yevadu is a commercial drama inspired by the Hollywood classic, Face Off. The movie was an instant blockbuster after its release and the performances was raved. Watch it if you are a fan of masala movies!

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