Are Zac and Elizabeth From Love Island Still Together?

‘Love Island’ is a name we are all familiar with. Started in 2005 in the UK, the show gained a lot of popularity. A lot of other shows were released with a similar concept, such as ‘Bachelor In Paradise’, but none could beat the fan following the series had earned. America brought its first ‘Love Island’ season in July 2019. Even though it received mixed reviews and poor ratings from critics, it became one of the widely watched and most streamed shows of the year.

The reality-dating series followed a bunch of bachelors and bachelorettes who were put in a resort in Fiji for four weeks. The aim was to couple up, date, survive the game, and win $100,000. The show would throw out a few twists and turns that could cause re-coupling and put singles at risk of elimination. The couples also had to go through various games, tasks, and challenges that provided comic relief to the show. The winners would be awarded with special date nights, prizes, or even a competitive advantage.

Spanning a total of 22 episodes, the show was won by Zac and Elizabeth, who were voted as the best couple by the public. They decided to split the $100,000 prize money. One of the most loved couples of the show, Zac and Elizabeth’s adorable love story had won many hearts.

Zac and Elizabeth: Love Island Journey

Working in advertising and modeling in the heart of New York City, 24-year-old Elizabeth was first approached on Instagram for ‘Love Island’. Hesitant at first, she traveled to Los Angeles to meet the showmakers and instantly agreed to sign up.

Out of 25 cast members, Elizabeth was inexplicably attracted to Zac from the very first day. The 22-year-old heartthrob from Chicago felt the same way about Elizabeth. They talked and chose each other on the first day itself. Being coupled up from the start, they maintained a strong and unbreakable relationship. Even during re-couplings, when partners were allowed to switch, they still stuck to each other without a doubt. Their trust, honesty, loyalty, and understanding, helped them ride out all challenges and tasks. They had each other’s back and stuck to each other throughout the show.

A relationship made in heaven, Elizabeth never knew that she’d be in it for the long haul when she first stepped up for Zac. After winning a challenge, they had their first special date night wherein their feelings got stronger and more intense for each other. By the 10th episode, they sealed the deal on their budding love with a kiss, and Zac asked her to be his girlfriend. Needless to say, Elizabeth was ecstatic!

They became the season’s first committed couple and even confessed their love for each other. They did well in the ‘Family Meet’ episode as well. Loved, cherished, and accepted by each other’s families, they felt as if they were on cloud nine!
After public voting, Elizabeth won the $100,000, and even though she had the option to keep it all to herself, she did the right thing and decided to split it with Zac.

Are Zac and Elizabeth Still Together?

Unfortunately, no. Even though their love seemed like a fairytale, their relationship came to an end after a few months of dating. Till October 2019, the couple had seemed to be going strong. Zac had gone back to Chicago and Elizabeth had moved to LA to pursue her new career. They had been confident about handling a long-distance relationship. Infact, their families would go over to each other’s homes all the time and spend weekends together. Zac had even hinted at marrying Elizabeth in an interview.

But in December 2019, all of a sudden, the couple posted on their respective Instagram stories that they had parted ways. They had shared with their fans that they were still good friends and were thankful to the show for bringing them together. They confirmed that they had mutually put an end to the relationship as they wanted different things in the future. Elizabeth had posted a picture of them on Instagram along with an elaborate caption that mentioned how she had hoped things would work out, but she’ll always cherish the memories.

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