Zatima Renewed For Season 4 at BET+

The Tyler Perry universe at BET is expanding with another chapter of the ‘Sistas‘ spinoff. BET+ has renewed the comedy-drama series ‘Zatima’ for a fourth season. The filming process of the upcoming installment is scheduled to commence on June 3 in Atlanta. The fourth season’s development begins ahead of the premiere of season 3.

While the exact premiere date of season 3 on BET+ remains unconfirmed, a review of past seasons provides valuable insights. Typically, the first two ‘Zatima’ seasons premiered within nine months or less after the filming concluded, suggesting that season 3 is likely to hit screens in September.

In season 2, viewers are introduced to the layers and complexities of Zac and Fatima’s relationship as they confront escalating challenges. A domestic incident involving Zac’s mother, Ms. Gladys, unveils their strained dynamic, testing their bond. Despite Fatima’s supportive efforts during a hospital visit, tensions soar, leading Zac to reject Dr. Reid’s and his friends’ assistance. The situation worsens when Zac attends dinner at Fatima’s parents’ house, sparking a confrontation and casting doubts on their future together. Then, in the latter half of the sophomore installment, Bryce attempts to mend fences. Despite Zac’s efforts, doubts linger about his relationship’s future, leading to a pivotal moment of clarity for Nathan. Meanwhile, tensions escalate between Zac and Jeremiah over their mother, Gladys, as shocking revelations emerge about the company’s finances.

As anticipation builds for ‘Zatima’ season 3, viewers might be eagerly awaiting the continuation of storylines from the previous season. Zac faces numerous challenges, including the passing of his mother and revelations about Bryce’s actions. Meanwhile, Zac and Fatima reconcile their relationship, only to receive life-changing news: Fatima is pregnant, and Zac is the father. With the impending arrival of their child, season 3 promises to dive into new dynamics and plot twists, heightening the intrigue of the show even further. It is too early to make speculations about season 4, given that a lot will depend on how the third installment will unfold.

As announced earlier, the main returning cast of season 3 includes Devale Ellis as Zachary “Zac” Taylor, Crystal Renee Hayslett as Fatima Wilson, Remington Hoffman as Bryce, Guyviaud Joseph as Tony, and Ameer Baraka as Jeremiah. Additionally, Cameron Fuller as Nathan and Nzinga Imani as Angela are expected to return, considering their integral roles in the storyline. While the third installment’s storyline holds significant weight, it’s reasonable to anticipate the return of most of the main cast in season 4 as well.

Atlanta has served as the consistent backdrop for previous iterations of the show. Most notably, ‘Mea Culpa,’ another Tyler Perry production, recently utilized Atlanta as its setting. Most of the filmmaker’s movies and TV shows, including ‘The Oval,’ are also filmed in the city.

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