ZeroZeroZero Ending, Explained

Based on the book of the same name by Roberto Saviano, ‘ZeroZeroZero’ follows different sets of characters in three parts of the world, tracing their personal and professional affiliations and how their actions affect the lives of each other. The show follows a timeline that takes us back and forth to twist the story into shocking revelations. The final episode of the series does something similar, and here we break down what it means for the characters. If you haven’t yet caught up with the show, head over to Amazon Prime. SPOILERS AHEAD

Plot Summary

It begins with a shipment that is to leave Mexico for Italy. Three parties are involved in the transaction. The Mexicans are the suppliers, the Italians are the buyers, and the Americans are the link between them. In Mexico, a corrupt soldier keeps the drug cartels safe. In Italy, Stefano brews a plot against his own grandfather, the repercussions of which are felt by the Lynwood family who bears the responsibility to get the shipment across the continent.

Manuel in Mexico

Manuel Contreras’s character had developed as a wild card in the world on whose side-lines he had been for so long. While serving in the Mexican Army, he had been on a payroll of the Leyra brothers and was so dedicated to their end that he jeopardised himself as well as his men after saving the shipment that was headed for Italy. It had become clear early on that he believed in his own survival. Despite his belief in God and suffering a minor nudging for his guilty conscience, he had always been the guy who was ready to do whatever it takes.

He killed Diego to save himself when his superior suspected a mole, and then he killed the superior as well when they attacked the ship. When it became clear that there is no turning back now, he took his talents to Leyra and helped them turn entire Monterrey into their territory.

Manuel was always a sharp person, but he was never greedy. He always knew his place and acted as he been paid, rather than asked, to. When fate took a turn, he jumped on the opportunity, which is what finally leads him to the event that we had seen coming a couple of episodes into the show. After the random violence between the Firm and the Leyras, he attacks them and easily kills them all.

Before this, Chiquitita gives birth to a girl, and Manuel comes clean to her about his involvement in Diego’s death. He promises to provide for them for the rest of his life but cannot stay with them for their own safety. At Leyra’s, he kills everyone, but before that, he comes to know about the 32 million that are waiting to be delivered by Emma.

Stefano’s End

Everything had been going fine in Italy until Stefano went about and messed it all up. First, he turned people against his grandfather, and when the tables turned, he got stuck between his loyalty for Don Minu and the ones that he had conspired with. After helping Minu escape an attack, he shoots himself, but Curtiga puts two and two together. They abduct his wife and child, and Stefano is forced to tell them about the shipment.

They arrive at Casablanca to intercept the ship before it leaves for Italy, but by then, Emma has already left to see it off, and they get hold of Chris. He takes them on a wild goose chase. This angers Stefano and he kills Chris. Now, he has only one thing left to do, if he wants his family to survive. He has to kill Don Minu. A meeting is set up between them, but once he arrives at his grandfather’s place, he finds Emma waiting for him there.

Emma and the Shipment

After her father’s sudden death, Emma tried to keep it all together as best as she could. She got Chris into the business, for his own good. But things started going wrong, and she and Chris had to flee a couple of countries with bullets in their pursuit. In the end, she succeeds in keeping her end of the business and safely gets the cargo to Casablanca, from where it sails to Italy.

While she is away, making sure everything goes fine at the port, her brother is captured by Curtiga and then killed by Stefano. To get her revenge, she flies to Italy where she makes an offer to Don Minu. If he kills Stefano, she will tell him exactly where the shipment is. Minu, who always puts business above everything else, accepts and kills Stefano. Emma gets her revenge and she departs for Mexico to close the deal with Leyra.

The Ending

After killing Stefano and getting the shipment from Emma, Don Minu kills Curtega and saves Stefano’s wife and child. With the backstabbers and conspirators gone, business flourishes once again. Moreover, he has also established goodwill with Emma, which he also had with her father. Emma arrives in Mexico to discover the bloodbath at Leyra’s place. She is taken to Manuel, who declares himself as the new boss. She gives him the money she owed to Leyra and continues with the business.

A next shipment headed for Russia is demanded by her, and Manuel agrees to deliver. A new business partnership is forged. Manuel takes some time to ponder over his newfound power and business empire, with the entire city under his thumb, and Emma walks away with a smile on her face.

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