Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Episode 2: What to Expect

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ is a musical television series that takes a rather inventive approach towards its musical nature. The show’s plot is married to that genre and together, the series’ style and creative story make it stand out among the plethora of television series available in our times.

The first episode sets up the show’s basic narrative concept well. It follows the introverted techie, Zoey who goes for an MRI to ensure that she doesn’t have the same neurological disorder that her father suffers from. An earthquake causes the MRI to malfunction and that leads to Zoey gaining a weird ability: she can hear other people’s true feelings in the form of singing.

She bonds with an engaged co-worker, Simon due to her ability. More spectacularly, she is able to hear her father’s feelings. Her father cannot speak or move in reality, but Zoey is able to listen to his feelings because of her ability. However, towards the end of the first episode, she finds out that her best friend, Max has romantic feelings for her…

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Episode 2 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

NBC followed a rather inventive streaming strategy to attract the target audience for ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist:’ young females. The network uploaded the first episode on a bunch of streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Hulu and even Spotify on January 7, 2020 so that more young females can watch it.

However, the show will begin airing traditionally like other cable shows starting from the second episode. The second episode is titled ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Best Friend’ and is scheduled to premiere on February 16, 2020 at 9/8c on NBC. The show follows a weekly format with each new episode slated to premiere every Sunday.

Where to Watch Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Episode 2 Online?

You can watch the second episode of the first season of ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ by tuning into NBC on the timeslot given above. Other than that, you can also catch the episode live on NBC’s mobile app or official website with a valid cable provider’s login.

Moreover, the episode can also be streamed online if you have a subscription for Fubo TV, Direct TV, YouTube TV or Hulu With Live TV. 

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Episode 2 Spoilers: What to Expect

The first episode of ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ ends with the protagonist’s best friend, Max expressing his romantic feelings towards her through song. However, it must be noted that Max is not aware that he revealed his innermost desires to Zoey. Only Zoey knows that she can read people’s minds.

The blurb of the second episode reads: “Zoey tries to figure out how to control her new abilities while navigating her best friend’s romantic feelings for her; a new medical victory for Mitch gives the family hope.”

Hence, it is quite clear that the series will not waste a single moment in tackling the conflict. However, it would be interesting to see where this plotline goes. Will Zoey confront Max? He did not express himself to Zoey technically after all.

From the looks of it, she wouldn’t want to lose Max as a friend. And, she doesn’t seem too thrilled with the idea of the two of them being involved romantically. However, she might also start to look at him with a renewed perspective which could potentially change her mind.

However, there is also a chance that Zoey ends up getting romantically involved with Simon. In the first episode, Simon reveals to Zoey that she can understand his emotional baggage way more than his fiancé. Perhaps, the two actually start to hit it off more and bond further.

Zoey and Simon pairing up would certainly add tons of drama to the series. The love triangle premise is quite glaring here, and with the involvement of Simon’s fiancé, it becomes even more complicated. Well, no complications = no conflict = no plot!

On a more positive note, we might see Zoey’s newly developed ability to come in handy when it comes to her sick father’s situation. If the first episode was any indication, then Zoey might start to empathize with her father a lot more, potentially leading to his recovery.