Baelee and Zoie Bogart: Twin Love Siblings Are Focussed on Their Careers

Amazon Prime’s ‘Twin Love’ chronicles the journey of fourteen pairs of twins as they seek to find the right one. Having seen their share of highs and lows in romantic relationships in the past, the siblings embark on a whirlwind journey to find someone who also knows the intensity of the twin bond. Hosted by Nikki and Brie Garcia, the cast is divided into two houses where they face challenges, go on dates, and develop feelings for a special someone. Twins Baelee and Zoie Bogart are two individuals who have made fans curious about their latest whereabouts.

Baelee and Zoie’s Twin Love Journey

Hailing from Colorado, the 22-year-old twins had sought a real connection, which eventually led them to ‘Twin Love.’ Despite their different experiences in romantic relationships, the sisters had hoped to find someone whom they could share a prosperous relationship with. After they were divided into the Garden and Vista House, Baelee and Zoie began their wondrous journey with other singles. The season didn’t just earn them a prosperous connection but also helped them build a deeper bond as sisters and family.

While Baelee connected with Samir from the get-go, Zoie found herself taken to Luke. Enthralled by the company of the two men, Baelee and Zoie’s relationship first saw a test when the second elimination came to the fore. Having the chance to choose between Seth and Samir, Baelee could either choose Seth, which would have allowed Zoie to continue her relationship with Luke in the other house, or she could choose Samir and continue developing a connection to her heart’s content.

Even though Baelee chose Samir, Zoie, and Luke still shared a heartful goodbye and remained confident that their connection could sustain anything. Later, Baelee and Zoie were able to develop an honest relationship with Samir and Samer, respectively. The duo were open about the struggles they had faced growing up. Baelee even talked about the abject scarcity she’d witnessed in her younger years.

At times, her family would have all of $50 for a week’s food supply for a family of five. These heartfelt confessions ended up drawing the sisters nearer to their beaus. After the sisters were reunited, they had a chance to see each other smitten by their other halves. In the end, Baelee and Samir’s relationship became a highlight for all contestants of ‘Twin Love.’ When asked to choose the best couple, the cast ultimately chose Baelee and Samir by a majority.

Where Are Baelee and Zoie Bogart Now?

After reality television, the Denver-based twins have returned to making new milestones as professionals and individuals. Fascinated by similar things, the sisters have made several strides in their careers, too. Having graduated with a degree in Retail Entrepreneurship from Florida State University, Baelee has managed to scale her professional trajectory significantly. She’s worked as an Experiential Marketer and Brand Ambassador for Clearly Promotions in the past. Formerly a Marketing executive for SJL Modeling and Promotions, she’s now working as a Campaign Coordinator for The Influencer Marketing Factory.

Like her twin, Zoie has also been making strides in her career. An academically-endowed individual, Zoie graduated summa cum laude in Retail Entrepreneurship and Merchandising from Florida State University. Over the years, she’s worked in Florida in photography agencies and other companies. Formerly a brand ambassador and experiential marketer for SJL Inc., Zoie is now working as a Junior Talent Coordinator for The Influencer Marketing Factory.

Besides working in the same company, Baelee and Zoie have also made additional progress as professionals. The co-founders of a clothing brand, the television personalities, are well-versed in the clothing industry and have gained experience in retail operations, marketing, and influencer campaigns, too. Their company, Lennox Apparel, has been in operation since 2017. Naturally, several milestones await the duo in their personal and professional lives!

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