Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 3 Recap: Best Friend of the Dead

In ‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead’ episode 3 titled ‘Best Friend of the Dead,’ Akira internet finally works and he recalls his college best friend Kencho. When he learns that he is Shinjuku, he immediately decides to rescue him despite the risks. It turns out that the two have been very close a few years back but have not managed to remain in touch primarily because of Akira’s toxic job. But when they finally reunite, things do not go as Akira has planned.

Akira Decides to Rescue Kencho

At the Club Shou-Time, a young girl cries and he thinks about the people she has lost in the zombie apocalypse. When Shou notices her, he reassures her that everything will be okay and he will make sure that he protects her. That’s when he is informed that the zombies are returning so he and his men go outside to fight while the refugees hide inside the club. Elsewhere, Akira’s internet finally works, and recalls his college friend Kencho.

Akira contacts him immediately and learns that he is somewhere in Shinjuku. The city is filled with zombies and Kencho tells him not to come. But Akira has already made up his mind to rescue his best friend and hangs up the call after asking him to text him his address. As he drives towards Shinjuku, Akira recalls his last meeting with Kencho. After graduating, Kencho found a great real-estate job which has allowed him to live a luxurious life.

Kencho brags about dating models to Akira which irks the latter since he is stuck in a toxic job. Kencho asks him to quit but he does not have the courage to do it. Meanwhile, the zombies have killed almost everyone outside the Club Shou-Time and Shou feels that he will die now. But for some strange reason, the zombies all of a sudden retreat, allowing him to live another day.

Does Akira Save Kencho? Is Kencho Dead?

After arriving in Shinjuku, Akira manages to track down Kencho’s location thanks to the address that his friend texted him. Meanwhile, Kencho is surprised to notice that the zombies have suddenly all gone off somewhere and the hallways are completely empty. That’s when Akira finally meets Kencho and starts crying profusely. He reveals that he regrets the fact that he continued doing his toxic job despite the fact Kencho had asked him to quit it a long time ago.

Akira feels that his best friend from college was right and he finally sees the wisdom behind the advice. As he cries profusely, Kencho can barely react and eventually gathers courage as he also wants to tell him something. But before he could talk, the zombies return once again. In order to save themselves, the two friends rush to the terrace immediately with the undead closely chasing them. When they reach the top, they close the door and block it with anything they can find there. But Kencho knows that the door won’t hold on for long.

As Kencho feels that his life is about to end, Akira is lost in his own thoughts. When he turns to see what his friend is up to, Akira reveals that he thinks that the building across the street is close enough to jump. Kencho thinks that the idea is suicidal and tries to stop Akira. But Akira is too fast and confident. He manages to jump and lands roughly on the building. Although he is injured, he reassures Kencho that everything is fine. Despite Akira’s heroic actions, Kencho feels that he does not have it in him to pull off a jump that long.

Kencho apologizes to Akira and tells him that he doesn’t think that he can make it to the other end. He then confesses that he used to brag about his life because he was not happy at all. Kencho felt that he convinced a lot of people to make bad investments and despite partying with famous people and dating beautiful girls, he never felt happy. He then goes on to reveal that he always wanted to be a stand-up comedian and had no interest in the real-estate business. Akira listens patiently to his friend and eventually manages to motivate him to jump. Luckily, Kencho manages to make it to the other end alive and the two of them drink beer together.

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