Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 6 Recap: RV of the Dead

In ‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead’ episode 6 titled ‘RV of the Dead,’ Akira misses his parents so he and Tendou decide to go to his village. Since the journey is a long one with unexpected threats on the way, they decide to get an RV. At the showroom, they meet Shizuka and they decide to team up not knowing that an unexpected roadblock is waiting for their long journey. 

Akira Decides to Visit His Village

Although Akira and Tendou’s life has been going well until now, things get complicated when the electricity cutoffs, the water supply is halted, and the network services appear to shut down as well. In the present scenario, it’s obvious that the society is falling apart but Tendou and Akira can’t do much about it. However, when they notice the sky without the city light, they are mesmerized by the beauty of the night sky. This makes Akira emotional as he recalls his childhood with his parents in the village. 

Tendou notices this and the two decide to go look for his family. Since the journey is long and unsafe, the duo thinks that they should get an RV. But when they arrive at a showroom, they are shocked to see Shizuka there. Although she initially does not want to work with them, the two friends eventually manage to convince her. They take too much time to pick an RV and are attacked by a huge group of zombies. So, they end up taking the one they can and flee the showroom. 

As they are trying to leave the city, Akira and his friends reach the bridge and are surprised that there is no traffic. Shizuka explains that most people never got the time to flee as the zombie apocalypse was the fastest virus to have ever infected the human race. Akira is quite intrigued by this statement as he is not sure how she came to the conclusion that a virus is the reason behind the present-day chaos. Shizuka is quick to point out that all the symptoms of the people infected leave no doubts that this is exactly the case. 

Does Akira Agree to Work for Chief Kosugi? How Is Kosugi Exploiting His Employees?

Just as they are driving away, a belt of spikes on the road bursts their tires, and Akira and his friend’s journey comes to an unexpected halt. Since Tendou was driving a bike, he sustained a lot of injuries and couldn’t really get up on his own. That’s when a group of buses approach them and stop right next to their vehicles. Akira is shocked to see Chief Kosugi from his company in front of him. He is there with a group of young men wearing a baseball team kit. 

Akira has suffered so much harassment at his previous company under Kosugi’s leadership that he can barely gather the courage to talk to him. But he eventually manages to gather enough courage to tell him that he is glad that his boss is safe. The fear on Akira’s face is quite obvious and Kosugi is still very rude to him as he mentions that he did not expect him to survive the apocalypse. Now that Akira and his friends are in need of help, Kosugi tells them that he has new tires for their vehicles and also a first-aid kit so that Tendou can receive the medical assistance he needs. 

Kosugi mentions that he can never abandon an employee of his in a situation like this. His words move Akira to tears as he appears grateful. Unfortunately, this emotion is short-lived as Kosugi asks him to work for him in return. Akira suddenly has a flashback of all the horrible moments he suffered under him and appears unsure of what to do. But he later agrees when he learns that he will only have to work for two days. Kosugi and his men take Akira along with his friends to their company. 

Akira is assigned to lift goods and reinforce safety barriers that offer security from zombies. At the company, he notices that people are been exploited and it is obvious that Kosugi’s men have been putting spikes on the highway road to manipulate people to work for him. But since he has no choice, Akira keeps his head down and works hard. Meanwhile, Tendou receives the medial help he needs and appears to not have sustained any serious injuries. He has noticed Akira’s strange behavior in front of the chief and wonders what could be the reason behind it. Shizuka recalls her own childhood and reveals that it is because of a deep-rooted fear that Akira is yet to overcome. 

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