Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 7 Recap: Truck Stop of the Dead

In ‘Zom 100: Zombie ni Naru made ni Shitai 100 no Koto’ or ‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead’ episode 7 titled ‘Truck Stop of the Dead,’ Kosugi continues to ruthlessly manipulate and exploit Tendo. He managed to sow seeds of doubt in his mind and it became almost impossible for him to escape his grip. Shizuka who was watching everything could see herself in him as she was manipulated in the same way by her own father all her life.

Tendo Gets Exploited By Kosugi Again

At Kosugi’s shady organization, Tendo and Shizuka are forced to work for him in return for the help they were provided. The Chief leaves no stone unturned to manipulate Tendo and also behaves in a questionable manner with Shizuka as well. Shizuka notices that Tendo is slowly losing confidence in himself and is giving in to the manipulation. She recalls how her father always put her in pressure to be the best.

Shizuka is the daughter of a very successful businessman, who wanted her to be perfect in every way. The ruthless pressure she had to endure was too much but she kept doing what she needed to do according to her father. As she looked at Tendo, she saw herself in him. One day, Kosugi told Tendo how he was doing him a favor by letting him work for him. He managed to sow seeds of doubt in him and Tendo started doubting everything. 

Does Tendo Save Chief Kosugi? 

When it’s finally time to leave behind Chief Kosugi’s controlling company, Shizuka and Kencho are ready to go. But it’s not the same with Tendo, who is still overwhelmed by what Kosugi had told him the previous day and feels that he needs to pay for the kindness he has received from the Chief. Furthermore, Kosugi has been successful in manipulating him and instilling the idea that he won’t be able to survive in the uncertain world outside, so it’s better for him to just stay put at Kosugi’s company where daily survival is almost guaranteed. 

Therefore, Tendo tells his friends that he will not go with them. Although Kencho is shocked, Shizuka does not even try to convince him and accepts his decision. Kencho is worried for his friend but Tendo keeps talking about what he needs to do. This infuriates Shizuka as she is reminded of her past and she tells him that he needs to stop talking like that. She explains that she has spent her whole life trying to live according to people who had told her what she needed to do. This manipulation has ruined her life as she has always lived according to someone else. 

It was Tendo who managed to give her a new perspective on life and Shizuka started living more freely. Therefore, she is quite appalled to see him in his present state. Her speech works as Tendo finally gathers the courage to face Kosugi and apologizes to him for quitting. Although Chief tries to manipulate him his words have no effect. Just when they are about to drive away, a truck with supplies arrives there. When it is opened, a zombie that has been hiding inside comes out and attacks one of the men there. Panic ensues as everyone starts running for their lives.

Kosugi tries to calm them but his words appear to have no effect as well. In the moment of crisis, Tendo convinces Chief’s men to work with him. They come up with a plan and start putting it into action. Meanwhile, Kosugi is chased by a group of zombies and Tendo saves his life. He and others manage to push zombies into a corner and surround them with trucks. As they have nowhere to leave, Tendo uses dynamite to kill them all. Most people manage to survive the incident. Kosugi tries to take control one more time but everyone there decides to quit his tyrannical rule and fend for themselves.

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