Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 8 Recap: Sushi & Hot Springs of the Dead

In ‘Zom 100: Zombie ni Naru made ni Shitai 100 no Koto’ or ‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead’ episode 8 titled ‘Sushi & Hot Springs of the Dead,’ Akira and his friends meet a foreigner named Beatrix. Since she wants to go to Takahashi to eat sushi at a restaurant, the trio decides to help them although Kenchou and Shizuka are not really thrilled about it. Once they manage to complete their first objective, the quartet starts looking for a hot spring.

Akira Meets Beatrix

For their next destination, Tendou and his friends are heading to his parent’s village. On their way, they notice someone in a van being attacked by a huge group of zombies. By the time they get out of their vehicle and try to distract the zombies, someone comes out of the van wearing a traditional war costume and kills all of them one by one. The person is later revealed to be a foreigner named Beatrix who arrived in Japan because of her love of Nippon culture. 

However, by the time she got there, the pandemic had already spread. Now, she is carrying a van full of fish as she plans to take them to a sushi chef in Takahashi as she desperately wants to eat sushi. Despite the risks, Akira offers to help her get there so that she can fulfill her wish. The quartet is attacked by a huge flock of zombies but Shizuka shows remarkable presence of mind to deal with them. They eventually reach Takahashi and get to enjoy the sushi with the chef himself. After that, they decide to find a hot spring as they have not cleaned themselves properly in a while. 

Do Tendou And His Friends Get To Enjoy A Hot Spring? Why Does Shizuka Apologize to Tendou?

When they finally get to the open-air bath, Tendou and his friends are excited as they have not really been able to wash themselves properly in a while. Finding a hot spring with no one to disturb is an unexpected gift for them. So without thinking for a second, Tendou and Kencho just jump into the water. Shizuka naturally plans to use the women’s bath house but she is dismayed when Beatrix informs her that there is not hot water there.

Tendou and Kenchou offer to let the ladies take a bath with them in the men’s section but Shizuka is understandably repulsed by the idea. However, Beatrix is quick to point out that Konyoku bathing is a proud culture and historical practice of Nippon, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. She opens her gown and is about to jump into the hot spring when Tendou and Kenchou are suddenly attacked by a zombie. It turns out that the open bath house has countless zombies hiding under the water.

The quartet is quick to flee the location and somehow manages to take shelter at a deserted location after climbing a huge rock wall. They eventually fall asleep together. When Tendou later wakes up at night, he feels thirsty and starts looking for water. That’s when he ends up coming across a natural hot spring in the middle of the forest. Without wasting any time, he jumps into it desperate to get the much-needed bath. But he is shocked when he finds Shizuka there bathing naked. The two eventually decide to take a bath at the same time by staying on opposite sides of a huge boulder.

As Shizuka starts to relax, she apologizes to Tendou for her rude remarks about love earlier that day. She explains how her controlling father never approved of such things, so it has become second nature for her to be inflexible and intolerant of emotions live love. Furthermore, she also talks deeply about her insecurities and fears about falling for the wrong person. Eventually, she says that she would like to fall in love with someone she can talk so openly with like she is doing right now with Tendou. This leads to an awkward situation between the two, but Beatrix and Kenchou soon arrive there as well, so Shizuka and Tendou do not get to talk after that.  

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