Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 9 Recap: Treehouse of the Dead

In ‘Zom 100: Zombie ni Naru made ni Shitai 100 no Koto’ or ‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead’ episode 9 titled ‘Treehouse of the Dead,’ Akira and his friends continue their journey to reach the remote village. When they are met with a roadblock, they decide to walk through the forest and that’s when they meet Mr. Kumano who is building a tree house. Akira decides to fulfill his wish to build a tree house by helping him even though Shizuka does not seem excited about it at all. When he and his friends finally reach his village, Akira becomes emotional upon seeing his father but for some reason, he remains cold and distant.

Akira And His Friends Meet a Survivor

As Akira and his friends reach close to the village, Tendou recalls how he looked down on his father for working as a farmer. He appears to feel sorry for his thinking and wants to desperately do something meaningful for his parents. Before Akira and his friends get to the village, they are shocked to find a tunnel that is closed off from both ends. When they get closer, they realize that it is filled with zombies. Therefore, they decided to continue their journey on foot through the mountains and the forest.

While going through the forest, Akira and his friends save an old man named Kumano from a boar zombie. When Akira learns that he is building a tree house, he gets excited since it’s on his bucket list. Therefore, he and his friends delay their journey to help Kumano build the tree house. They later arrive at the remote village to learn that everyone including Akira’s parents is safe. It turns out that the villagers had trapped the zombies in the tunnel. Akira wastes no time in thanking his father for everything he has done for him but Teruo remains cold and distant for some reason. 

Is Akira’s Father Infected?

While Akira is concerned that he is not doing enough for his parents, his father Teruo appears to be hiding a dangerous secret. While he is alone in the evening, Teruo looks at his hand and there is blood on his palms. He has been hiding it from everywhere by keeping that hand in his pocket all this time. As he looks at his injury, Teruo tells himself not to expect much as he does not have a lot of time left. The episodes end without ever clarifying whether the injury has infected him or not. However, Teruo’s words are already ominous enough. But usually, people turn into zombies immediately after getting beaten. 

However, there have been cases where people have managed to sneak around uninfected people with their zombie bite injuries without drawing any attention. This seems to be the case with Teruo as well. The look of fear and bewilderment on his face just goes on to further establish the fact that he is probably hiding that he has been bitten by a zombie and will die soon. It remains to be seen how he plans to keep others around him safe as he can turn into a zombie anytime now. 

Who is Kanta Higurashi? What is On Kanta’s Bucket List?

Sometime later that evening as Akira and Teruo are walking back home, the former sees a group of people walking past them. He sees a guy and feels that he has seen him before somewhere. The suspicious-looking guy that Akira comes across is actually Kanta Higurashi. He used to live in a city before the zombie apocalypse and was quite upset with the low-paying jobs that were offered to him. 

Kanta could not figure out when he started falling behind other people his age but he eventually started feeling rejected by society and hated everyone. One day when he was walking through a dark alley, Kanta saw a woman being attacked by a zombie. Soon enough he realized that the world that had turned against him was burning and he felt relieved. He celebrated the destruction of the society that had rejected him. Sometime later, Kanta three people like him, and they all sat down to write a bucket list that was in a way a revenge on the world for everything that has happened to them. 

In a flashback, it is shown, that before coming across Akira, Kanta and his comrades have seen the hundreds of zombies purposefully trapped in the tunnel by the villagers. It turns out that they probably freed them all so that the destruction and death reaches the remote village as well. In the next few episodes, Akira and his friends are most likely going to fight these zombies to defend the village. 

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