Where is Zsalynn From My 600-lb Life Today?

‘My 600-lb Life’ is a reality docu-series that features the dramatic transformations of morbidly obese individuals. Each episode follows a different individual weighing nearly 600 lbs and documents their year-long struggle as they try to improve their quality of life before it gets too late. They do this with the help and guidance of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (Dr. Now) and his weight loss program, which he operates in Houston, Texas. Dr. Now helps thee individuals lose their weight by giving them a strict diet to follow, after which he offers them a gastric bypass surgery or sleeve gastrectomy to assist the weight loss process further.

Zsalynn My 600-lb Life Journey

Zsalynn Whitworth from San Antonio, Texas, was first introduced to us on season 2, episode 1 of ‘My 600-lb Life.’ The then 42-year-old at one point had reached a peak weight of 694 lbs. Zsalynn could barely stand up and walk and confessed that she knew that she could die very soon if she continued with the path that she was on.

The mother of one wanted to be in her daughter’s life for as long as possible, but her manipulative and un-supportive husband was proving to be a significant problem. He prioritized his fantasy and fetish over his wife’s literal life. Zsalynn was able to explain the whole situation in one simple, straightforward sentence, stating: “He has a physical preference for his sexual needs…that requires me to be bigger than just fat.”

Her husbands’ true nature was proven when at one point, Zsalynn ordered a salad in a restaurant, and he said: “I’m not buying you a salad. If you want to eat grass, you can go in the garden and graze.”

Wanting to have a future and live life in the best possible way, Zsalynn decided that she would shed her weight and, in 2014, despite her husbands’ wishes, moved to Houston and started her year-long weight-loss journey.

Where is Zsalynn Now?

When she first came to Dr. Now, Zsalynn weighed almost 600 lbs, but with her new diet plan and her gastric bypass surgery, she was able to cut that weight down by half. Her husband had even tried to sabotage her progress after her surgery by immediately taking her to a fast food a drive-thru joint, where he ordered a burger.

In her, Where Are They Now? follow up episodes, she revealed that she divorced her husband. She also admitted to the fact that continuing the weight loss journey all alone has been quite hard to do. “Being alone a lot has been a bit of an adjustment for me, so I’ve struggled with being depressed when I don’t see (my daughter) Hannah for a while,” Zsalynn said. “And being alone has made it even harder for me to deal with my cravings.”

Fortunately, based on her social media posts, it looks like everything has worked out really well for her. Not only has she lost a majority of her weight and is currently living a happy and healthy life, but she has also found a man who actually appreciates her for who she is. It also seems like she got excess skin removal surgery.

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