1000 Miles From Christmas Ending: Do Raul and Paula End Up Together? Does Raul Return to Madrid?

Netflix’s Spanish film ‘1000 Miles from Christmas’ follows Raúl, who despises Christmas and every Yuletide season tradition because of the misfortunes that happened in his life during the Christmas season. However, his life takes a turn when he encounters Paula, who is filled with the spirit of Christmas. Even though both of them get acquainted by annoying each other, Raúl and Paula’s connection develops along with the vibrancy of the holiday season. However, the spark between them doesn’t last long because of Mateo’s lies. If you are wondering about the couple’s union and Raúl’s return to his company, we have the answers! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Raúl and Paula End Up Together?

Yes, Raúl and Paula do end up together. Throughout her extremely engaged life, Paula did keep a distance from being in a relationship with someone. As her mother Blanca says, she can only reject Mateo’s invitations for dinner since she fails to find a spark in him. However, the spark she was waiting for arrives at her abode in the form of Raúl. His hidden-yet-admirable nature finds a way to her heart and two of them connect well, disappointing Mateo. To separate them, Mateo lies to Paula that Raúl is going to report the discrepancies of the factory’s accounts to shut the company down.

Believing Mateo’s words, Paula shuts herself from Raúl. Even though the two go through a spell of separation, Raúl wins her back when he exposes Mateo’s intentions to sell the company to a Chinese firm. Along with the entire town of Valverde, Paula also listens to the truth he says. After commencing his return journey to Madrid, Raúl stops his car, and the couple passionately shares a kiss. However, the film does not offer much about the couple’s future beyond.

With Mateo’s true nature exposed and Raúl coming out of his stiff nature, the couple’s future seems bright. Yet, the distance between Raúl’s company in Madrid and Paula’s little town near the Pyrenees may not make things easier for them. Moreover, as the closing shot of the film suggests, Raúl’s inherent nature to be a cynic does not completely go away from him. Considering Paula’s connection with the traditions and cultural practices that revolve around Christmas, a return to his past self might be the last thing Raúl can afford to do if he intends to stay in a relationship with her.

Does Raúl Return to Madrid?

Yes, Raúl does return to Madrid. After reuniting with Paula, Raúl is left with two options — to continue his stay at Valverde or return to Madrid. Even though he crashes his car intentionally right after commencing his return to the company, the final shot of the film does indicate that he is in Madrid. As a dedicated and systematic auditor, Madrid suits Raúl’s life better than Valverde.

While his connection with the town through Paula is expected to hopefully remain, Raúl’s way of life isn’t in sync with Valverde. As the last shot depicts, his cynicism towards traditions will only make him an outsider in the mountain town. The above-mentioned shot does indicate that Raúl’s life returns to his normalcy in the city of Madrid and his company. His return can also be the reason behind his change to a cynic after being receptive and gentle during his stay at the mountain town.

Does a Christmas Miracle Occur at the End?

Yes, a Christmas miracle does occur when Raúl is left alone in the snow-covered slope by the mountains. When Raúl confronts Mateo regarding the sale of the factory, he pushes the auditor out of the running car. With no one near to hear his cries, Raúl starts to look for a way to the town and finds a sled with reindeers. He tries his best to ride the sled but his attempts fail each time. Finally, he succeeds with his imitation of Santa and the reindeers take him to the town right before Mateo sells the factory.

When Raúl reveals the incident to Paula, she tells him that the sled belongs to Marga’s brother. To a disappointed Raúl, she adds that the kids in the region love sled dogs. Astounded to know that Marga’s brother’s sled is pulled by dogs, Raúl realizes that a Christmas miracle indeed occurred to lead him to the town to stop the sale of the factory and save the lives of the employees. As a reward for the town’s commitment to sustain Christmas traditions, a miracle does occur to rescue the company from Mateo’s vicious intentions.

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