Where Was 1000 Miles from Christmas Filmed?

Originally titled ‘A Mil Kilómetros de la Navidad,’ Netflix’s Spanish film ‘1000 Miles from Christmas’ follows Raúl, who hates the Christmas season due to the misfortunes that happened over the years during the period. To his utter disappointment, he gets sent to audit a nougat factory in Valverde, a town that embodies Christmas in its soul.

As the Álvaro Fernández Armero-directorial progresses through Raúl’s adventures, one can’t help but be immersed in the captivating sites the film offers. Ranging from snow-covered mountains and sparkling towns, the Christmas film’s mesmerizing locations spread the spirit of the Yuletide season. If you are wondering where these locations are, we have the answers!

1000 Miles from Christmas Filming Locations

‘1000 Miles from Christmas’ was filmed in its entirety in Spain, specifically in Madrid, the Pyrenees, Segovia, and Guadalajara. The principal photography of the film commenced on December 22, 2020, and went on till March 30, 2021. Now, let’s get into the specific locations in detail.

Madrid, Spain

The capital city of Spain, Madrid, is one of the main filming locations of the film. Filming in Madrid chiefly took place during the Christmastime of 2020 to take advantage of the city’s festive decorations and ambiance. As the second-largest city in the European Union, the region offers a vast and variety of locations for filming. The city’s natural and incredible holiday season appeal enhances the visuals of the film. The rich and aesthetic outlook of the capital makes it a prominent filming hub in the country.

The Pyrenees, Spain

The majority of snow-clad mounts and towns that feature in the film are located in the Spanish provinces of the Pyrenees, a mountain range situated at the border of France and Spain. Filming took place at Arties, a region located in the province of Lleida in Catalonia. The region is known for the picturesque mountains, scenic valleys, and stone buildings. One of the major recreational centers in the region, Arties is a perfect location for Christmas-themed films due to its enchanting appearance.

Benasque, a town in the province of Huesca in Aragon, also serves as a location. The town offers enthralling views of the highest peaks of the mountain range, making it an unmissable location. The principal attraction of the town is the Benasque Valley, surrounded by the Pyrenees mounts. The crew filmed three weeks in both of the towns using artificial snow and Christmas decorations to heighten the vibrancy of the film.

Segovia, Spain

Segovia, a city in the autonomous community of Castile and León, also serves as a pivotal shooting location. The city is located on a bend of the Eresma river and is the home of numerous historical sites and natural attractions. The medieval and Gothic architecture and establishments in the city make it a fascinating site for filming. The major landmarks in the city include a Roman aqueduct, the Segovia Cathedral that dates back to the mid-16th century, and a medieval castle named Alcázar of Segovia. Cabanillas del Monte, a town near Segovia, features in the film as well. ‘Below Zero‘ and ‘30 Coins‘ are two of the numerous productions filmed in the region.

Guadalajara, Spain

Guadalajara, a city located in the autonomous community of Castilla–La Mancha, serves as another main location of the Christmas comedy. The filming in the city took place at Fort San Francisco, which stands in for the nougat factory in the film. The fort dates back to the 1300s and was used as a military fort in the 19th and 20th centuries. The crew transformed the interiors of the fort to create the factory impeccably.

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