16 and Pregnant Season 3: Where Are They Now?

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The MTV Reality TV series ‘16 and Pregnant’ covers the lives of high school teens through their pregnancy. Navigating the strenuous burden of carrying a child and managing complex relationships and big changes, the show garnered quite a fan following. With more than a decade since its conclusion, the show had more than just teen pregnancies for viewers to devour. From drama to even domestic violence, the show packed quite a punch. It is natural for fans of the show to wonder where Season 3’s cast of ‘16 and Pregnant’ are now. Luckily, we’ve covered the lives of the once-young teens with a penchant for drama extensively!

Where is Jordan Ward Now?

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, the episode covering the teen pregnancy of Joran Ward and baby daddy Brian Fender had the series’ highest ratings. It was decided that the cast of ‘16 and Pregnant’ Season 3 would also star on ‘Teen Mom’, but it was delayed because Jordan got pregnant again.

After the birth of their first baby, Jordan married Brian in August 2011 and moved to Texas after he was enlisted in the military. The couple had even welcomed their daughter Arri shortly after the birth of their first son Noah. However, the two split up in 2016, and Jordan had her third baby with Manny Hinkson in 2017 and named him Leo.

Instead of seeking a life in the public eye, Jordan raises her children with her partner in a nest of comfort and solitude. The couple split up, and Jordan is now engaged to Chris Kellermann and lives with her three amazing children!

Where is Jennifer Del Rio Now?

Jennifer’s journey with her baby daddy was turbulent. With Jennifer’s family set against the match, their dynamic was one of mutual abuse visible throughout the series. After the MTV crew left their lives, issues continued. Jennifer split up with baby daddy Josh and changed the name of her twins to Joshua Devan and Noah Matthew, and the two were reported to be involved in several altercations for a while. She discusses the involvement of Josh in her children’s lives on her Youtube channel.

The two stay cordial for their kids, and Jennifer married Luis Gutierrez in 2013. She now enjoys life with her four children, Sebastian, Annabella, and the twins, and keeps busy with her Youtube channel, soap-making business, and farming.

Where is Jamie McKay Now?

A high school senior at the time, Jamie McKay was 15 when she had her daughter Miah with her then-boyfriend Ryan McElrath. Despite the travails of labor, alcohol, and custody in the show, Jamie and Ryan managed to get back together and even conceived another baby in 2012. However, she chose to abort her second child in light of personal struggles and shared the news with her fans through Twitter. Over time, the two acquired a wrap sheet with the law and were allegedly involved in the assault of a female classmate and even each other. After the birth of another son Mason, the couple finally split up in 2015.


Now 29, the former TV star is married to David, who not only has a son of his own and is also the father of their third child. Reminiscing her days of difficulty as a pregnant teen, she even addressed the pain of opening her life to the public on Instagram. Working as a makeup artist in Asheville, she lives happily with her husband and four children.

Where is Danielle Cunningham Now?

The daughter of a single mother, Danielle’s wayward behavior garnered a lot of attention when she was 16 and pregnant. Giving birth to Jamie Paul Jr. with her then-boyfriend Jamie, Danielle continued to stay with her boyfriend even after the show concluded filming. The two remained strong until 2013, when Danielle got pregnant with another baby but reportedly broke up before her second daughter was born. However, the two are still friends. 

Over time, Danielle has been involved in a string of controversies. From barely avoiding a prison sentence in a physical altercation in 2012 with her grandmother to making insensitive comments on heroin addiction on Twitter, Danielle’s journey has been rocky. Not just this, the ‘16 and Pregnant’ alum even posted about smoking weed on social media. Even so, she stayed the course, returned to school to become a nurse, and welcomed her third daughter with her boyfriend Tyler.

Despite concealing details about her personal life, such as changing her name and partner, the Digital Creator based in Ohio continues to go strong with her family and shares a warm relationship with the father of her first two children.

Where is Cleondra Carter?

Remembered as one of the most level-headed of the cast for being a full-time caretaker of her niece, Cleondra was one of the most beloved members in Season 3. Having given birth to her daughter Kylee with boyfriend Mario Escovedo, things seemed smooth until she took to social media to post a fundraiser campaign for sole custody of her daughter. Despite studying to become a nurse, little is known about Cleondra except a brief Facebook update showing her life with her three children and husband, Michael Wrease.

Where is Kayla Jackson Now?

Hailing from Minnesota, Kayla shared a sweet relationship with baby daddy Michael Schwing. After giving birth to their son Preston, the two remained friends, and Kayla later met Matt Neyers in 2012, the father of her second son Cedric. In 2022, the couple had another daughter Juniper. Known for having an eating disorder in the MTV series, the former ‘16 and Pregnant’ alum even took to Twitter to talk about anorexia and how the show painted her in a certain light.

Where is Izabella Tovar Now?

Remembered as the teen who hid her pregnancy from friends and family for being ashamed, Izabella Tovar gave birth to her son Enrique/Henry with baby daddy Jairo Rodriguez. The couple continued to see each other long after the show ended and even welcomed another daughter in 2014 named Anastazia. Unfortunately, they divorced in January 2018 after having been married for only two years. Tovar also had another daughter named Peach with boyfriend Josh Fits, but now remains absent from the digital world.

Where is Kianna Randall Now?

Not just struggles with teen parenthood, Kianna Randall also faced issues with the law. Both she and baby daddy Zak Hegab were arrested on counts of aggravated robbery, with the latter even jailed for sexual assault. Kianna later married Eric Lee, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence, and is reported be released by 2037.

Where is Taylor Lumas Now?

Only 14 at the time, Taylor Lumas was the youngest girl to ever appear on the series and gave birth to daughter Aubri. At age 22, she not only graduated with a bachelor’s degree but has since remained a committed mother to her young daughter. While she’s particularly secretive about her personal life, she did share news of her engagement with her mysterious beau, leaving fans swooning!


Where is Allie Mendoza Now?

From being kicked out by her father as a pregnant teen to sharing lodgings with her boyfriend’s mom, an addict, Allie Mendoza turned her life around and managed teen parenthood flawlessly. After splitting from her baby daddy, she moved in with a friend and graduated high school with straight As.

She married Chris Gerena in 2015 and gave birth to their son Christopher in 2018, according to fan accounts. Allie now lives outside the public eye without social media and enjoys her privacy with her beautiful family.

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