1899 Episode 7 Recap: The Storm Full Summary

Netflix’s sci-fi thriller series, ‘1899’ completely subverts the assumptions about its plot in its seventh episode. By now, the series had been developing as a complex psychological tale where the characters were in the dark just as much as the audience. But with the seventh episode, the story gives away some crucial details giving us a hint of what the whole picture might look like once the finale brings it into view. Here’s how the events on the ship unravel, paving the path for the final episode of the season. SPOILERS AHEAD

1899 Episode 7 “The Storm” Recap

This episode focuses on the recovery of Maura’s memories. While there is still a lot that she needs to know about what has been happening to Kerberos, she receives considerable information to make sense of the whole thing, but a lot of doubt still lingers in her mind. For the rest of the passengers, the journey gets even worse as the ship tumbles through the storm and many of them meet an unfateful end.

The Interconnected Memories

The episode begins with Daniel’s memory. He remembers when Maura still had her memories and remembered the time when they were together. When he wakes up, he finds himself still stuck inside the ward where Maura had locked him after he made Eyk disappear. While he beseeches Maura to let him go, she runs back to the ship. Forced to find his own way out, Daniel finds an opening in the wall, which leads him inside the ship’s wiring system.

From here, Daniel finds a door that leads him to the memory of one of the passengers. Another door inside the memory leads him to the next memory, and eventually, he finds his way back to Maura’s memory, where he’d left the boy, hiding in a playroom under the grave. He apologizes to the boy for leaving him, and they share reassurances that this time, Maura will remember. We also discover that Daniel is the boy’s father. While Daniel leaves to find Maura, the boy’s location is discovered by Sebastian.

Maura’s Connection with the Boy

After coming back to the ship, Maura searches for Eyk, who is nowhere to be found. She goes into his memory but is chased away by his wife’s ghost. Next, she enters through the trapdoor inside Daniel’s room and discovers his memory, which is the room we saw in the first scene. Here, Maura discovers pictures of her with Daniel and the boy, and she realizes that there is a connection between them.

Daniel finds her in the room and opens up to her. He tells her that the boy’s name is Elliot and he is their son. When she wonders why she doesn’t remember having a son, he says that it’s because she wanted to forget, because she couldn’t deal with the pain. Maura and Daniel share a kiss and she gets a flashback from a previous memory and realizes that Daniel is not real. He accepts that he is just in her head and that she and the rest of the passengers are all trapped.

It’s a simulation and the way out is a key that only Maura knows about. She realizes that she’d received a key inside a locket inside the envelope that she believes her brother sent her. Before Daniel can tell her more, Henry lets them know that he has Elliot in his clutches and he will trade the boy for the key. In trying to save Elliot while also finding a way around giving the key to Henry, Daniel leaves Maura and heads to the machine that was installed inside the ship. This is his final chance to save his wife.

The Storm

While all the revelations with Maura and Daniel happen, the rest of the passengers try to keep the ship afloat in a violent storm. They try to find a way to steer the ship, but the water starts coming in. Mrs. Franklin stays behind while the others decide to find Franz, the only remaining person who knows what to do with the ship now that the first mate has also abandoned them. When Maura arrives looking for Eyk, Mrs. Franklin asks her about her hand which has turned completely black.

Franz sends Olek to steer the ship, and he himself goes to close the bulkheads. Tove accompanies Franz while Olek is joined by Ling Yi. The rest try to keep the engines running, but then Lucien suffers a seizure. Clemence and Jerome take him back to his room only to find out that all the vials of his medicine are gone. They watch helplessly as Lucien dies in front of them.

As the water floods in, Franz makes the choice to save Tove by locking her in from the door that can only be closed from the outside. Tove becomes utterly alone, having previously let go of her parents who also drown as the water rushes in. As the ship starts to cave in, Angel suffers a terrible injury and dies on the spot, leaving Ramiro to grieve for him. Meanwhile, Olek and Ling Yi try to keep the ship balanced. But then, she sees her mother on the deck and leaves to find her.

Olek follows Ling Yi and saves her from being taken over by a huge wave. It turns out that Ling Yi was hallucinating her mother. As they make their way back inside, Olek promises to never leave her, but then another wave crashes into the ship and he falls into the water. Before Ling Yi can grieve for him or her mother, a huge hole appears in the water ahead. With no one at the helm, the ship moves into the swirling mass.

On Prometheus, Eyk seems to have submitted to his fate, but the sound of water makes him leave his drink and see what the fuss is all about. As a hole opens up inside the water, Kerberos sails in, stopping right next to Prometheus. As all the surviving passengers come on board, Eyk and Maura lock eyes with each other. There is an expression of relief on seeing one another, but there is also the sheer terror of realizing that things are much more complicated and out of control than they’d previously imagined.

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