20/20: Where is Tyler Fox Now?

ABC News has featured the gruesome and shocking murder of Riley Fox on their show ‘20/20.’ Riley went missing on June 6, 2004. Hours after going missing from her home, Riley’s deceased body was found by the police in a creek a mile away from her Wilmington, Illinois, house. Later, authorities determined that the 3-year-old toddler had been restrained, gagged, and sexually assaulted before being killed. Siblings always have one of the strongest of bonds, and hence, Riley’s death was a nightmare for her elder brother Tyler, who felt her absence but was too young to understand the gruesome details. Let’s find out more about Tyler Fox and where he is today, shall we?

Who is Tyler Fox?

The first child of Melissa and Kevin Fox, Tyler was Riley’s elder sister. Even though the siblings were pretty young, they had a loving bond between them. With a wonderful home, loving parents, and a sweet sibling, Tyler had a beautiful childhood until one cruel act demolished the young boy’s world. Tyler was the first one to notice Riley missing on June 6, 2004. The previous day, Tyler, along with Riley, had stayed back with their grandmother as both their father and mother were away in Chicago.

Their father, Kevin, returned late at night and brought the children back home at around 1 am. Tyler and Riley both slept in the living room, and their dad retired to bed in his own room. In the early hours of June 6, 2004, Tyler woke up and found his sister missing. He immediately informed his dad and thus started a frantic search for Riley that would only conclude with a disastrous find. With his sister gone, Tyler greatly felt her absence in his life.

He also had to go through the terrible experience of having to see his father arrested for Riley’s murder. Even after Kevin was released from prison, Melissa said that no one trusted their family anymore and that children weren’t allowed to attend sleepovers at their home. From this, it looks like Tyler too felt the aftermath of his father’s false arrest, and seemingly, it also must have alienated him from his friends, some of whom apparently weren’t allowed to visit him or have a sleepover with him.

Where is Tyler Fox Now?

After the community almost shunned them because of the fear that centered around Kevin’s false arrest, Tyler, along with his family, left their home in Wilmington, Illinois, and looked forward to starting a new life in a Chicago suburb. In 2006, Tyler got another new sister when Kevin and Melissa gave birth to their daughter, Teagan. However, both Kevin and Melissa were under extreme amounts of stress and pressure from the time of Riley’s horrifying murder. Kevin’s false arrest added to the strain on their relationship, and as a result, Tyler’s parents decided to split up.

After their separation, Tyler and his sister, Teagan, went to live with their mother. Tyler’s current whereabouts are unclear as he prefers to stay out of the public eye and keeps his private life under wraps, though it seems like he is currently based out of Morrilton, Arkansas. He is also not very active on social media. We would like to respect his privacy as we wish him the very best and hope that he has been able to overcome the demons of his past.

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