5 Shows Like Dad Stop Embarrassing Me You Must See

‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ is a family sitcom on Netflix featuring Oscar winner Jamie Foxx Brian, a single dad desperately trying to get on the same page as his strong-minded teenage daughter. Inspired by Foxx’s relationship with his elder daughter Corinne, the show introduces Brian’s daughter Sasha (Kyla-Drew) as well as his chilled out, pot-smoking “Pops” (David Alan Grier) and other quirky family members and friends.

Irreverent yet emotional, this multi-camera sitcom touches audiences with the father-daughter dynamic while still providing plenty of laughs thanks to the talented cast and Foxx himself donning multiple whacky roles throughout the show. If you enjoyed ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ we’ve got five more shows that will tickle the same funny bone for you. You can watch most of these shows similar to ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

5. Marlon (2017-2018)

‘Marlon’ is an NBC sitcom featuring actor, comedian, writer, and producer Marlon Wayans as the protagonist and namesake of the show. The premise involves the rocky friendship between the character Marlon and his ex-wife Ashley, with the two barely being able to coexist. However, for the sake of their two kids Marley and Zack, they try to get along, with hilarious consequences.

Similar to how ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ is inspired by the real-life bond between Jamie Foxx and his eldest daughter Corinne, ‘Marlon’ is loosely based on the star Marlon Wayans’ own life. Like in the show, Marlon and his ex-wife Angelica also have two children – Amai and Shawn.

4. Everybody Hates Chris (2005-2009)

Set in the 1980s, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ is a period sitcom that loosely follows the troubling and often funny experiences of actor and comedian Chris Rock during his teenage years. As the oldest of 3 siblings, a young Chris was the de facto adult of the household while his parents worked multiple jobs, and as if that wasn’t enough, he had to fit into an all-White school as well. The show was nominated for a Golden Globe award as well as several Emmys and was critically acclaimed for its handling of pertinent issues related to race and coming of age while still keeping things entertaining.

3. #blackAF (2020-)

This Netflix show stars director, producer, writer, and actor Kenya Barris as a fictional version of himself and showcases the ups and downs in the lives of the members of a wealthy Black family. As the head of a “newly” rich Black family, Kenya examines and comments on modern-day racial and social dynamics, as well as parenting and relationships, often to hilarious effect. After initially considering casting an actor to play his character, show creator Kenya eventually decided to play it himself since the mockumentary sitcom is very personal to him.

2. The Big Show Show (2020)

‘The Big Show Show’ stars wrestling legend Paul Wight, better known as Big Show, as a fictionalized version of himself. Just about adjusting to retirement with his wife and two daughters, his world is turned upside down when his oldest daughter from his first marriage decides to move in with him and his family. Sitcom veteran Allison Munn steps into the role of Big Show’s wife, Cassy Wight.

Despite the show lasting for only one season and a Christmas special, Show’s prowess as a multi-camera sitcom star garnered praise, alongside his physical comedy. Like most others based on celebrity lives, the show gives an interesting insight into their generally guarded private lives and family dynamics. If you loved the dysfunctional father-daughter relationship between Brian and Sasha in ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!,’ you would relish this show.

1. The Jamie Foxx Show (1996-2001)

‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ is a sitcom that helped launch Jamie Foxx’s acting career. Loosely based on Jamie’s early days in LA, the show has the star playing Jamie King, an aspiring musician from Terrell, Texas, which incidentally is where Foxx is from as well. Additionally, the show’s protagonist Jamie King did not have much contact with his birth parents, which also mirrors the real Jamie Foxx’s life.

In the show, Foxx’s character works at a failing hotel in LA, owned by his aunt and uncle, and slowly finds love and fortune in the city. For fans of the titular star who can’t get enough of his performance in ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ and wish to see more of the superstar in a similar thematic setting, ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ is a must-watch.

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