End of the Road: 7 Similar Movies You Must See

Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/NETFLIX

Netflix’s ‘End of the Road’ is the story of the Freeman family who is on a three-day road trip, hoping for a fresh start at the end of their journey. They try not to get into any trouble, even though the people around them make it impossible to do so. Things take a turn for the worse when they witness a murder and come into the possession of the dead man’s money. The film is a thrilling ride that focuses on a lot of things at once. If you loved the film and are wondering what to watch next, then we have a list of recommendations you might like.

7. Breakdown (1997)

Starring Kurt Russell in the lead role, ‘Breakdown’ follows the story of a man and a woman who are on a cross-country road trip. On the way, they have a brief altercation with the driver of a pickup truck, following which, their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. From here, things only get worse for the couple, especially after the woman goes missing and her husband doesn’t know whom to trust in a place where everyone seems to be a deceiver, working against him.

6. Road Games (1981)

A stretch of the empty road feels good when you are driving on a highway, surrounded by miles and miles of nowhere. However, this also proves to be a good setting for a crime to happen and go unnoticed. In ‘Road Games’, we meet a serial killer who has been using desolate highways as the site to capture women, kill them and dump their bodies. For a long time, his pattern goes unnoticed. No one pays attention to the fact that he is picking up hitchhikers who are never seen again. That is until a truck driver starts suspecting him. Horrified by his actions, the truck driver decides to bring him to justice, with the help of another hitchhiker.

5. The Vanishing (1988)

Any number of things can go wrong while on a road trip, and if there is anything that ‘End of the Road’ teaches us, it is not to engage with menacing elements, no matter how much you think you are capable of handling them. Also, it is better not to trust any strangers, even if they seem rather well-intentioned, especially around the time when you are already in a lot of trouble. This message is amplified by the story of a Dutch couple, Rex and Saskia in ‘The Vanishing’. They are on a holiday in France when they stop at a rest area. Saskia goes into the petrol station to buy some stuff, but she never comes out. This leads Rex to search for her, which becomes his obsession over the years.

4. Paradise Highway (2022)

Image Credit: Nick Burchell/Lionsgate

Sally is a truck driver who smuggles stuff for the people who have connections to the prison gang that can kill her brother, who is also serving time there. She has learned not to ask questions, pick up and deliver the stuff and leave. She is forced to intervene when she discovers that her next cargo is a young girl. After the delivery goes terribly wrong, Sally runs away with the girl, with both the cops and the criminals on her trail. Meanwhile, Sally tries to keep herself and the girl alive, while hoping that nothing happens to her brother in prison.

3. I’m Your Woman (2020)

It’s not exactly a road movie, but ‘I’m Your Woman’ follows the story of a woman who is ready to do whatever it takes to save her child. Rachel Brosnahan (‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’) plays the role of Jean, a regular housewife who is forced to go on the run with her son when her husband goes missing. Not knowing what to do and whom to trust, Jean has to survive deadly situations, coming too close to death, at times. In the end, however, she has to rely on her own strength to get out of the troubling circumstances and find out what really happened to her husband.

2. The Road (2009)

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, ‘The Road’ is a post-apocalyptic drama that follows the story of a father and son as they try to survive the cruel world with no order left in it. It is one of the most horrifying and heartbreaking road movies you’ll ever watch, underlining the inherent evil of humanity, while also focusing on the intense love and kindness that is often shown by people in the harshest of times. Starring Viggo Mortensen in the lead role, it shares with ‘End of the Road’ a parent’s will to do whatever it takes to save their children, no matter how many bad people they have to deal with along the way.

1. Queen and Slim (2019)

One of the things that ‘End of the Road’ underlines is the fraught relationship between law enforcement and black people and the distrust that leads to problems for innocent people. The racist environment that Brenda and her family find themselves caught up in creates a tense atmosphere, often worrying us more about the Freemans’ interactions with the white supremacists than the cartel boss. ‘Queen and Slim’ takes this a little further, by solely focusing on the story of two black people who are sent on a run following an encounter with a police officer whose actions lead to the loss of innocent lives.

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