7 Movies Like Flora and Ulysses You Must See

‘Flora & Ulysses’ is a superhero comedy film that follows a young imaginative girl, Flora Buckman, who saves a squirrel one day and names it Ulysses, absolutely clueless that it is going to be a life-changing deed for her. It turns out that Ulysses is no ordinary squirrel but one with superpowers. Ulysses’ extraordinary powers wreak havoc as the family learns to live with it.

However, the squirrel’s powers are not the only thing that Flora needs to be worrying about. She must save Ulysses from Miller, an animal control officer, who wants to capture and take away her pet. If ‘Flora & Ulysses’ is the type of film you love, then we have a few recommendations for you. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘Flora & Ulysses’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Pete’s Dragon (2016)

‘Pete’s Dragon’ is a fantasy adventure film that follows Pete, a young boy who loses his parents in a car accident. He somehow survives the accident but is chased by a pack of wolves into the forest. Out of nowhere, a huge dragon with green fur and yellow eyes rescues him. Pete names the dragon Elliot. They quickly bond with each other, and Elliot becomes very protective of Pete.

For six years, they live peacefully until their lives take an unexpected turn. ‘Pete’s Dragon’ is a story of a kid meeting a magical creature, something that ‘Flora & Ulysses’ fans might want to see again. Both movies have a somewhat similar plot as the protagonists try to protect their pets despite being far less powerful than them.

6. Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension (2011)

Phineas and Ferb are busy inventing new things when Perry, the platypus, finds the right opportunity to go into his secret lair. There he meets Major Monogram, who warns him that he has been almost caught on several occasions by his family, and if it happens again, Perry will have to move in with a new family. After the warning, Perry is given the mission to stop Doofenshmirtz and his evil plans.

However, when Perry goes to stop Doofenshmirtz, he finds out that Phineas and Ferb have been helping him build “Other-Dimension-inator.” Since he can’t blow his cover, Perry fails to stop Doofenshmirtz. As a result, they reach an alternate universe. Perry does not have superhero powers like Ulysses, but he is still a superhero. Therefore, the movie is a great opportunity to relive the adventures that the fans must have liked in ‘Flora and Ulysses’.

5. Garfield: The Movie (2004)

Unlike Ulysses, Garfield has no superpowers. He is just a lazy ordinary pet who loves to annoy his owner, Jon, and his neighbor, Luca, a Doberman. His life takes an unexpected turn when Jon brings Odie, a friendly dog, home. One night when Garfield locks out Odie, he ends up in New York somehow. Guilty of his actions, Garfield sets out to rescue Odie. Garfield and Ulysses are quite different, but when the time arrives for the cat to stand up, he does not shy away from doing the right thing, something that only a superhero will do.

4. Stuart Little (1999)

‘Stuart Little’ is a family comedy film about a mouse and his unique family. Once Stuart starts living with the Littles, their exciting and humorous adventures can entertain anyone. Stuart’s relationship with the new family grows stronger with time, and he learns that despite being different, he deserves love as much as everyone else. Stuart does not have superpowers like Ulysses, but both of them live with human beings who treat them like family. ‘Flora and Ulysses’ fans will therefore love this light-hearted movie.

3. Balto (1995)

‘Balto’ is set in the isolated town of Nome, Alaska, the people of which are struggling because of the deadly diphtheria epidemic with their only hope – a medicine – of survival hundreds of miles away. A team of sled dogs goes to procure the antitoxin. However, they fail to get it back to Nome. As soon as Nome receives the news, Balto, a half-wolf who is hated by humans and dogs alike, sets out to take back the medicine without considering his own well-being.

‘Balto’ is a story of bravery and courage that can keep anyone hooked. Ulysses is a superhero because of his powers, but Balto is one even without them. Balto’s strength of character is something that is usually seen in superheroes, so fans of ‘Flora and Ulysses’ will definitely enjoy the story of Balto, the courageous young wolfdog.

2. How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Located on a remote island, Berk is a mythical Viking village that has to consistently face the threat of dragons. Livestock, property, and even people’s lives, everything is in danger when the dragons are around. Hiccup, the son of Stoick the Vast, the village chieftain, is a fifteen-year-old teenager who everyone believes is unfit to fight dragons. Therefore, Hiccup works with the village blacksmith to create mechanical devices, which often backfire. When the dragons attack the village one day, Hiccup shoots down a rare dragon, Night Fury, but no one believes his story.

In order to prove himself, Hiccup looks for the dragon, and after meeting him, he realizes that dragons are not as dangerous as everyone thinks. As the story unfolds, he forms a deep bond with the Night Fury, whom he names Toothless. The story of Hiccup finding a magical dragon is very similar to Flora finding Ulysses, her superhero squirrel. The protagonists in both films slowly fall in love with their magical pets as they learn more and more about them.

1. Bolt (2008)

A seven-year-old girl, Penny, adopts Bolt, a white shepherd puppy. A few years later, both of them work together in ‘Bolt,’ a television series about a dog with superpowers. However, just to make the show more realistic, Bolt is deceived all his life that he truly has superpowers. Owing to years of cunning deception, Bolt becomes delusional enough to trust that he does have powers. When one of the episodes ends on a cliffhanger with Penny being kidnapped, Bolt believes that Penny has been taken away by the villain.

He somehow manages to escape his on-set trailer but knocks himself unconscious in the process, ending up in New York, where he continues his search for Penny only to realize later that he has no superpowers. As the story unfolds, Bolt finally learns that he doesn’t really need superpowers to be a hero. Bolt might not have superpowers, but he is still a superhero like Ulysses in ‘Flora & Ulysses’. Both films revolve around a female protagonist with pets who are willing to protect them at any cost.

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