Loved Arctic Void? Here Are 8 Movies You Will Also Like

Directed by Darren Mann, ‘Arctic Void’ is a mystery thriller movie that revolves around a tourist ship in the Arctic that suddenly faces a power out. As the lights come on again, childhood friends Ray and Alan find that all the other passengers have mysteriously vanished, except Sean, their new co-worker. As the three men try to comprehend what happened and take shelter in a nearby town, they face severe paranoia and dread, making it difficult to escape their eerie situation.

Featuring stellar cast performances and a nail-biting storyline, the horror thriller beautifully combines psychological horror and suspense elements. If you liked the Michael Weaver-starrer and are looking for stories with similar themes, we have the perfect list of recommendations compiled for you. You can watch most of these movies like ‘Arctic Void’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. The Amaranth (2018)

Albert Chi’s directorial, ‘The Amaranth,’ follows Lily and her much-older husband, Richard, who relocate to the titular retirement village after the latter suffers a stroke. Not much later, she notices startling physical changes in her spouse and herself and discovers that the retreat has a strangely cult-like atmosphere. This prompts her to investigate the secrets of The Amaranth, leading to disastrous consequences.

Despite the somewhat different setting, ‘The Amaranth’ resembles ‘Arctic Void’ in using psychological elements to induce fear. Moreover, both feature protagonists trying to unravel the sinister mystery of their present situations.

7. Shutter Island (2010)

Helmed by Martin Scorsese, ‘Shutter Island‘ centers around US Marshal Teddy Daniels, who is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a patient from the Shutter Island Ashecliffe Hospital in Boston. Unbeknownst to anyone, he has his own reasons to visit the island and take up the case. However, as soon as Teddy sets foot on the island, he gets embroiled in a series of unexplainable events that make him doubt the hospital staff and his own sanity.

Like the lights go off on the ship in ‘Arctic Void’ and cause bizarre events and people to disappear, the hurricane at the Shutter Island Ashecliffe Hospital also leads to other patients going missing. Furthermore, the protagonists eventually go so deep into unearthing the secrets of the mysterious places they are in that they slowly descend into insanity and delusion.

6. Risen (2021)

Like ‘Arctic Void,’ Eddie Arya’s ‘Risen’ has a calamitous event at its center and focuses on how a group of survivors struggles to save themselves and escape the impending doom. The sci-fi thriller movie is about a town struck by a meteor, which kills everyone and everything in its vicinity. As astrobiologist Lauren tries to help with the crisis, she realizes that an other-worldly power is planning something far more sinister. Now, she and the remaining survivors must race against time to escape a terrible fate. Apart from the commonalities mentioned above, ‘Risen’ also mirrors ‘Arctic Void’ in how the focal events are caused by mysterious organizations that wish to control humanity.

5. The Shining (1980)

In Stanley Kubrick‘s cult classic ‘The Shining,’ aspiring writer Jack Torrance takes his wife and son to the mysterious Overlook Hotel, where he has been hired as an off-season caretaker. However, there seems to be something off about the property, and soon it begins affecting his psyche as unexplainable occurrences begin plaguing his surroundings.

After a storm leaves the family snowed in the hotel, Jack starts hallucinating and hearing voices, causing him to give in to murderous urges. In ‘The Shining’ and ‘Arctic Void,’ a group of people are left isolated to fend for themselves in increasingly tricky climatic conditions. Not only does this have severe repercussions on their minds and judgment, but it eventually hints at a bigger conspiracy at play, which is far beyond the protagonists’ control in both movies.

4. Synchronic (2019)

Synchronic,’ directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, follows paramedics Steve and Dennis, who are called upon to investigate a series of strange deaths supposedly caused by a bizarre new psychedelic drug. As the two try to find the correlation between the drug and the accidents, Dennis’ older daughter suddenly goes missing. This prompts the duo to search for her, and they learn the drug may be psychedelic and capable of dangerous destruction.

While the camaraderie between Steve and Dennis reminds one of Ray and Alan’s endearing friendship in ‘Arctic Void,’ both movies also feature a series of mysterious deaths. Besides, just like Ray and Alan ultimately discover that the root cause of their misery has the potential to end humanity, the two central paramedics in ‘Synchronic’ realize the same about the drug that caused all the deaths and disappearances in their city.

3. Rapture (2014)

Directed by Richard Lowry, ‘Rapture’ is a sci-fi thriller movie that revolves around an apocalyptic event in which clouds form, lightning strikes, and it vaporizes anyone in its vicinity. Amidst all this calamity, a group of survivors stuck in a secluded place must unwillingly coordinate to fight their situation and travel to a safe spot.

In ‘Arctic Void,’ the three men seek refuge in a ghost town after their ship is dangerously affected by a bizarre power out, just like ‘Rapture,’ where all electrical devices go off without warning and lead the survivors into dangerous situations. On top of it, in each movie, the deteriorating mental health of the survivors causes significant conflict between them. Lastly, both films uncover higher organizations trying to manipulate survivors of a catastrophic event that cannot be fully explained until the end.

2. The Lighthouse (2019)

Both ‘The Lighthouse‘ and ‘Arctic Void’ brilliantly capture the terrifying side of the human psyche and how isolation and extreme conditions can push one over the edge and blur the lines between reality and delirium. Ephraim Winslow and his older supervisor, Thomas Wake, are two lighthouse keepers stationed on a remote island.

However, soon, the weather and their own minds turn against the two men, and strange visions haunt them as their chances of survival or escape gradually diminish. While the Robert Eggers directorial has a more grim and darker tone, it can be easily compared to ‘Arctic Void,’ given the similar conditions the protagonists in each movie undergo while trying to survive. On top of it, both films explore the complicated dynamics between survivors who are left stranded together.

1. The Weather Station (2011)

Featuring a somewhat similar premise as ‘Arctic Void,’ ‘The Weather Station’ tops this list. Helmed by Johnny O’Reilly, the Russian mystery thriller movie revolves around two detectives who go to an isolated mountainous weather station to investigate the disappearance of two meteorologists who worked there. They learn that two missing men lived there along with a young boy whom they hired as a cook.

Suddenly, the former inhabitants’ lives were disrupted by the arrival of a young couple, which triggered strange events that altered both the past and the present. In both movies, people disappear without any explanation of how, and the remaining survivors are at their wit’s end while trying to escape their prisons. In addition, a third person/entity acts as the catalyst for a bizarre series of incidents — in ‘Arctic Void,’ it is Ray, whereas in ‘The Weather Station,’ it is the young couple that visits the meteorologists.

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