8 Shows Like Ancient Aliens You Must See

‘Ancient Aliens’ is a pseudo-scientific and pseudo-historic show that visits the possibility of extraterrestrial beings being an influencing element in the history of human civilization. Each episode of the show features interviews with experts on ancient societies, mythology, and ufology. These guests deliberate upon evidence that establishes ancient alien visitations, which explains artifacts and archaeological sites that seem too technologically advanced for their age, such as the pyramids of Giza and Nazca lines. They also find support for their theories based on myths and legends that justify their arguments.

The show is a creation of Kevin Burns and features Giorgio Tsoukalos as the host and lead expert. The latter is a a self-proclaimed Ancient Astronaut theorist. Though the show has drawn heavy criticism from scientists and academicians who accuse it of espousing unfounded facts built by cherry-picking evidence, it continues to be immensely popular and has aired about 19 seasons since 2009 and garnered a solid fanbase. If you also enjoy indulging in the spooky world of aliens and UFO sightings, we have some recommendations that you will surely enjoy. You can watch several of these shows, like ‘Ancient Aliens’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. Paranormal Caught on Camera (2019-)

With Paranormal Investigator Brian J Cano as the host, the intriguing Travel Channel show features footage of an unexplained and weird real-life phenomena such as paranormal activities, UFO sightings, BigFoot, and so on. The panelists of the show then go on to discuss the probability of truth in the videos and try to determine if it is real or fake. Just like ‘Ancient Aliens,’ this show also relies on speculation and tries to explain the possibility of some unbelievable occurrence. Both shows are very fun and easy watch, and the making style ensures that the viewers are on the edge of their seats for every episode,

7. Ghost Adventures (2008-)

A paranormal reality show, ‘Ghost Adventures’ seems unsubtle at times, but it is very entertaining and riveting to watch. Created by Zak Bagans, it follows ghost hunters as they discover new places that are reportedly haunted. Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and Billy Tolley do an amazing job of creating a sense of suspense and dread and are very enthusiastic throughout the show.

The show does not talk about aliens, but it is very similar to ‘Ancient Aliens’ as both the show try to encapsulate phenomenons that are beyond human understanding and mainstream knowledge. Even though shows like this are accused of spreading falsities and reinforcing people’s biases, they allow for creative experimentation and alternate through to exist in our society.


6. In Search of Aliens (2014)

With Giorgio A. Tsoukalo from ‘Ancient Aliens’ as the host, ‘In Search of Aliens’ follows the same format as the former and discusses the possibility of aliens existing in the early ages of the world. He travels all over the world in pursuit of new stories and sighting ting. Since Giorgio amassed immense fame for his contribution to ‘Ancient Aliens,’ the spin-off in the form of ‘In The Search of Aliens’ was bound to be successful. Fans of the writer and researcher will enjoy the show as it overlaps with ‘Ancient Aliens’ in terms of themes and narrative style.

5. Modern Marvels (1992-)

This supremely popular television series created by Bruce Nash has been a fan-favorite ever since it aired. It is one of the oldest and longest-running shows on the History Channel. Each episode of the show focuses on a single human invention like the airplane, the automobile, or the computer and the history and the context of the invention. The show continues to discuss the impact that these inventions carry on the modern world. Unlike the ‘Ancient Aliens’, the show does not rely on conjectures but it has the same tonality of over-emphasis and dramatization. The nuances of history explored through the study of these inventions is also like the formerly mentioned show.

4. UFOs: The Lost Evidence (2017-2019)

This show has a unique approach to discussing and exploring alien and UFO sightings. Created by Richard Monahan, the show examines UFOs that may be inhabiting our world. They explore our oceans and top-secret military bases and also rely on statements from government officials, the military, and the police. The show features new documented evidence every episode and has built a niche fan following. It is very similar in terms of its explorations and dialogue with the ‘Ancient Aliens’ and makes for a suitable subsequent watch.

3. Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation (2019-2020)

The History Channel show features two former government officials, Luis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon, who are experts in unidentified aerial phenomena. It claims to be exposing well-guarded government investigations of UFOs. Elizondo claims that he was frustrated with the government’s inaction over the urgency of extraterrestrial threats and started this project to take matters into his own hands. It is similar to ‘Ancient Aliens’ in its theme and the possibility of ancient alien visitation and would make a good follow-up show.

2. Alien Highway (2019-)

Chuck Zukowski, a former Colorado law enforcement officer who has been researching and investigating UFOs and related incidents for the past 30 years, is the subject of this reality show. He is joined by his son, Daniel, and another investigator by the name of Heather Taddy to pursue cases that the police and other law enforcement agencies ignore. They travel along highways and look for proof and pieces of evidence that may help them come to a definitive conclusion. The show touches upon the same topic as ‘Ancient Aliens’ and is deeply entrenched in finding substantial proof for alien sightings. Airing on Travel Channel, the show must not be missed by extraterrestrial enthusiasts.

1. UFO Hunters (2008-2009)

Directed by Jon Alon Walz, this sci-fi-themed series follows a team of experts as they investigate UFO sightings all over the US. The team, led by Bill Brimes and Patrick Uskert, uses different methodologies and techniques, such as night-vision cameras, radar data, and eyewitness testimony, to strengthen their arguments. They also invite experts and researchers from different fields for different episodes, and it has gained them a lot of popularity. It also explores the various explanations for such incidents and is praised for its entertaining and informative format. The show delves into similar topics like extraterrestrial experiences and alien sightings like ‘Ancient Aliens’.


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