A Christmas Mystery Ending, Explained: Who Stole the Jingle Bells?

Directed by Alex Ranarivelo, HBO Max’s Christmas film ‘A Christmas Mystery’ follow Violet Pierce, who sets out to unravel the truth behind the theft of a strip of jingle bells, which are believed to have belonged to Santa Claus. When her father, Sheriff Pierce, arrests George Bottoms, the father of her best friend, Kenny Bottoms, Violet promises her friend that she will do everything for him to celebrate Christmas with his father. Starring Violet McGraw as Violet and Santino Barnard as Kenny, the mystery film ends with astounding revelations concerning the stolen jingle bells. If you are up for a magnified look at the same, let us be your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

A Christmas Mystery Plot Synopsis

‘A Christmas Mystery’ begins with the history of the renowned jingle bells. Fiona narrates how Jimmy Stubbins garnered the strip of jingle bells when it dropped from Santa’s sleigh, a hundred years ago. Glenn Martin and his staff get ready for the annual Ringing of the Bells ceremony. Three days before Christmas, the jingle bells get stolen. Sheriff Pierce questions his neighbor and the museum keeper George Bottoms since the thief used keys to enter the museum and disable the alarm. While Sheriff Pierce questions George, Deputy Terry finds the box of the jingle bells in the museum keeper’s garage, leading to his arrest.

Seeing his father getting arrested, Kenny stoops to distress. Violet promises his best friend that she will find the real thief so that he will be able to celebrate Christmas with George. She suspects Glenn to be the thief since he also has the keys to the museum to steal the bells. Her investigation leads nowhere since Glenn has an unchallengeable alibi. Sheriff Pierce comes to know about his daughter’s investigation and tries to put an end to the same. Still, she continues her search for the thief and suspects Mayor Donovan, theorizing that the mayor may have stolen the bells to gain the spotlight and boost his election campaign by producing the stolen bells right before the festival.

Meanwhile, George’s elder son Harrison is convinced that his father stole the bells. Violet’s sister Maddie realizes how Harrison hates his own father and talks to him about it. His conversation with Maddie helps Harrison to realize that his father is indeed innocent. Although Sheriff Pierce has asked Violet to stop her investigation, she restarts the same with the added assistance of Maddie and Harrison, who eventually end up together as a couple.

A Christmas Mystery Ending: Who Stole the Jingle Bells?

Deputy Terry stole the jingle bells. When Sheriff Pierce puts an end to Violet’s investigation, she meets George to explain how Deputy Terry ratted her out. Their conversation leads George to reveal that he fired Terry from his basketball team when the latter was in school. After the conversation, Violet sees a pair of two-stripped white sneakers in Terry’s bag. She remembers that the thief who was caught in the CCTV of her house wore the same shoes. Since George doesn’t have such a pair of sneakers, Violet concludes that the thief is in fact Terry rather than Kenny’s father.

Violet seeks the help of Maddie and Harrison, who search for any evidence in Terry’s car for her. Harrison discovers a map of tunnels that are constructed under the city in the deputy’s car. The group of child investigators realizes that there is a tunnel opening in the museum and an emergency electricity disabling system in the tunnel for Terry to enter the museum and steal the jingle bells without turning on the alarm. They trace Terry’s steps through the map and end up in the school where Terry studied and George worked as a basketball coach. They realize that Terry has been planning to “discover” the bells in the school and accuse George of hiding the same in the place.

After a search, Violet and Kenny find the bells inside a trophy won by George. Terry exposes himself by arriving at the school at the same time and calling his colleague Sam to inform her that he found the bells without even checking inside the trophy cabinet. Terry stole the jingle bells to ultimately “solve” the case. Ever since he can remember, he has only caused trouble to his father, Mayor Donovan, who is one of the most reputed and respected individuals in the town of Pleasant Bay. Terry is the only blemish in the mayor’s life. He was a terrible student and even a terrible sportsman, which forced George to fire him.

When Terry became a man without any prospects, Mayor Donovan requested Violet’s father, Sheriff Pierce, to take him as a policeman in a town where crimes get committed very rarely. Terry accepts the job and starts to think that even his profession is a result of his father’s magnanimity. He realizes that he should prove his worth and make his father proud, which leads him to steal the strip of jingle bells so that he can find it. Terry must have thought that solving the crime, although after committing it, will enhance his reputation and make him a hero of the town since the jingle bell is an integral part of the town’s existence.

Terry planned to take the jingle bells back from the school before the Ringing of the Bells so that he can project himself as the savior of the town’s traditions and culture. Terry solving the case, as per his projection, could have been a great help to his father with the mayoral election approaching. The police officer may have been expecting to impact the elections since his father will be indebted to him if his actions led to the latter’s victory. Since he has a personal vendetta against George and the latter has the means to commit the crime, Terry frames George as well. However, Terry’s plans backfire as his arrest further negatively affects his father’s reputation and he fails to make the mayor proud of him.

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