A Jazzman’s Blues Soundtrack: Where to Listen to Its Songs?

Image Credit: Jace Downs/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘A Jazzman’s Blues’ follows the story of a man named Bayou and his tumultuous love affair with Leanne. The two first meet and fall in love as teenagers, but several hurdles prevent them from being with each other. Years later, a sudden turn of events leads Bayou to Chicago where he pursues a career in music. He’d always had a good voice, and when opportunity knocks on his door, he uses it well. Thus, music becomes an important part of the story, with every song becoming an expression of the character’s emotions, especially serving as a reprieve in difficult times. With the film heavily influenced by jazz, ‘A Jazzman’s Blues’ has a great soundtrack. Here’s where you can listen to all of its songs.

Where to Listen to A Jazzman’s Blues Soundtrack?

Image Credit: Jace Downs/Netflix

When writer-director Tyler Perry started writing ‘A Jazzman’s Blues’, jazz was constantly on his mind. “Jazz was very much the soundtrack of my life. Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Duke Ellington, and all these incredible, amazing voices inspire me,” he said. When he was young, Perry said that he would sneak out to his grandfather’s juke joint and watch people have a good time. So as the story of the film unfolded in his mind, he realized that he was subconsciously reflecting on his own life. “In moments of sadness, there was always music; and moments of great happenings, there was always music and laughter and joy,” he said, explaining how music became a potent device of storytelling.

Making a film with music at its core, Perry needed someone who could inhabit the character of Bayou in every aspect. While good acting chops were a must to take on this role, it also meant that the actor would have to sing as well and be very good at it. Joshua Boone, who has experience on Broadway, turned out to be the perfect choice for playing Bayou. He sang all of his character’s songs. In Boone’s soulful voice, the film enjoys an eclectic soundtrack that’ll cheer your heart. Here are all the songs that feature in ‘A Jazzman’s Blues’.

If You See My Rooster by Amirah Vann, Joshua Boone and Austin Scott (listen here)
It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) by Joshua Boone and Austin Scott (listen here)
Let the Good Times Roll by Amirah Vann, Joshua Boone and Austin Scott (listen here)
On the Mississippi by Jay Weigel
Zuma Beach by Jay Weigel
Make Me A Pallet (On Your Floor) by Amirah Vann and Joshua Boone (listen here)
Banks of the Mississippi by Jay Weigel
That’s All Right by Amirah Vann and Austin Scott (listen here)
Weekend at Hideaway by Jay Weigel
Yell Howdy Doody by Buffalo “Bob” Smith
Is You or Is You Ain’t My Baby by Joshua Boone (listen here)
Ornithology by The Capitol Royale Orchestra (listen here)
Paper Airplanes — Bayou Boyd by Joshua Boone (listen here)
African Drums by The Capitol Royal Orchestra (listen here)
I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good) by Joshua Boone (listen here)
Rocks in My Bed by Amirah Vann, Joshua Boone and Austin Scott (listen here)
Paper Airplanes by Ruth B (listen here)

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