A Nearly Normal Family: What Does Amina Tell Ulrika?

In Netflix’s mystery series ‘A Nearly Normal Family,’ Amina Besic harbors a secret concerning the murder of Christoffer “Chris” Olsen. When Amina’s best friend Stella Sandell gets arrested for killing Chris, her mother Ulrika Sandell sets out to save her daughter by solving the case. Her investigation leads her to Amina, who does not initially reveal a secret pivotal to the case despite witnessing her best friend’s arrest. After Ulrika confronts her, Amina eventually opens up the same during an unrevealed conversation. Amina’s revelation helps Ulrika to make sure that Stella won’t get convicted at the end of the murder trial! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Amina and Ulrika’s Secret Conversation

Amina tells Ulrika that she was raped by Chris, only for Stella to kill the latter after witnessing the same. Ulrika learns that Amina is involved in Chris’ murder after seeing her name in the case file. The lawyer finds out that the DNA of her daughter’s best friend was found in the victim’s apartment. When Ulrika asks Amina about the same, the latter unconvincingly replies with excuses, making the former suspicious. However, Ulrika’s efforts to unravel Amina’s mysterious involvement in the case reach a dead end when her parents safeguard her from the lawyer. Still, Amina eventually returns to the mother of her best friend to reveal the truth.

After getting raped by Chris, Amina must have gotten scared to talk about it. As someone who knows how much Stella has suffered as a rape survivor, Amina may have decided to bury her suffering inside herself at first. After Ulrika reaches out to her regarding what she knows about Chris’ murder, Amina must have realized that her secret will potentially save her best friend, who is in prison after killing her rapist. That can be why she returns to the lawyer after mustering up the courage to reveal the truth. After listening to the same, Ulrika conceives an elaborate plan to use this revelation to get her daughter released from prison.

The Shocking Testimony

Upon learning the truth about Chris’ murder from Amina, Ulrika asks her not to report the same to the police. Instead, the lawyer wants Amina to reveal the truth only during the murder trial. The prosecution builds their case against Stella solely focusing on her presence near the crime scene the night Chris got killed. Apart from that, Jenny Jansdotter doesn’t have any piece of evidence against Stella. The prosecution and the police have failed to find the murder weapon and the clothes Stella wore the night the murder happened, which weakens their case. After realizing how vulnerable Jenny’s arguments against her daughter are, Ulrika decides to use Amina’s testimony as the final blow by the defense.

When Amina reveals that Chris raped her right before getting killed, she gets placed in the crime scene just like Stella. When that happens, it is the police and prosecution’s burden to prove that either one of them killed Chris or they allied together to commit the murder. Since Amina testifies the truth right before a verdict is reached in the case, the authorities have no time to connect the former to Stella, the prime suspect, using any piece of evidence. Meanwhile, Amina’s testimony opens the possibility of an alternative suspect. Such a possibility, in addition to a lack of conclusive proof that Stella killed Chris, convinces the jury to issue a not-guilty verdict to release Ulrika’s daughter from prison.

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