Do Agnes and Noel End Up Together in A Part of You?

Towards the end of Netflix’s coming-of-age drama film ‘A Part of You,’ Agnes, the young teenage protagonist, meets her object of affection Noel, who is also her older sister Julia’s former boyfriend, in the dressing room before her play starts. After engaging in an altercation outside the nightclub where Agnes learns about her sister’s self-destructive habits from Noel, the fate of the two characters seems destined for failure, especially since they butt heads in a furious argument charged with emotion. However, when Agnes learns about Julia’s state of affairs and what led to her death, she becomes a different person. As she looks towards a future where she isn’t burdened by grief, Noel’s meeting with her in the dressing room may signal a brighter future for the pair! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Agnes and Noel Learn to Move Past Their Complications

Agnes and Noel’s relationship is a source of comfort for both of them. Because Julia’s death looms like a dark cloud over them, they need each other for survival in a difficult period of their lives. The chemistry and tension between the pair are evident from the get-go. Their feelings culminate in a tender and intimate sex scene in which the attraction between the two is solidified for the viewer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for Noel to be struck by regret. With guilt and grief threatening to rip his soul, Noel pushes himself away from Agnes. He tragically can’t look past Agnes’ likeness to her sister, both emotionally and physically.

Because of Noel’s past relationship with Julia, Agnes’ older sister, the relationship between the two is stuck in an uncomfortable “should they, shouldn’t they” territory. As Agnes herself descends into uncontrollable, self-destructive habits, she resembles her sister more and more. While she and Noel are drawn together by their seamless compatibility, the external and internal factors influencing them threaten to tear them apart. This also mirrors Agnes’ journey, as she languishes from one terrible set of circumstances to another.

The relationship between the two is a reflection of the characters’ monumental struggles with overcoming tragedy. Neither holds the key to the lock, but the narrative places them in close proximity as a way of saying that it is by connecting with people who are suffering that we can learn to move on. The major breaking point within the story and Agnes and Noel’s companionship is the scene outside the nightclub, in which Noel reveals to Agnes what her dead sister was really like. The emotionally charged argument is a raw, intimate moment between the pair and discloses how much they care about one another despite the hurtful things they say to each other.

In a desperate attempt to manage her underlying sadness, Agnes lashes out at anyone who happens to be close to her. Given how young she is and how overwhelming the loss of her sister is, it’s her only way to process the grief. For Noel, this means keeping his distance from Agnes as a way of stopping himself from tarnishing what he had with Julia. For him, it is dishonorable to mingle with the younger sister of his dead girlfriend. Strangely, this confluence of difficult roads allows the pair to see their failings in a harsh and unedifying light. This is where viewers can take solace in Agnes and Noel’s growth as individuals through rough, uneven terrain.

The scene in the dressing room, in which Noel brings a flower for Agnes, indicates that they have matured past their troubles. They have gone through their worst periods, and they have emerged as different people. Emerging from under their dark clouds, they finally realize they can move on with their lives and pursue what they want to pursue. As far as their love for one another is concerned, it is no longer necessary to let their guilt, grief, or remorse stand in the way of something more meaningful. While it is not obvious, we can assume that the pair have made peace with their differences and established their relationship more concretely.

Agnes tries to cope with Julia’s death by attempting to become her sister. She not only wears her late sibling’s dress but also immerses in the latter’s lifestyle enough for her friends to be concerned about her. Agnes striking a connection with Julia can be a part of her transformation into her sister. Still, the warm companionship they cherish after Agnes moves on from Julia displays how they are not just temporary presences in each other’s lives. Even if they don’t end up together forever due to some reason, which can still be Noel’s history with Agnes’ sister, the duo will likely give another chance at their togetherness.

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