A Part of You: All Locations Where the Netflix Movie Was Filmed

Netflix’s ‘A Part of You’ is a Swedish teen drama movie about a teenager whose world turns upside down after a tragedy. 17-year-old Agnes is envious of her older sister Julia, who possesses all the things that Agnes desires — being the coolest person in school, the life of every party, and the girlfriend of Noel. She wishes to lead a life just like her, but when a tragedy strikes, she is made to reinvent herself and her desires. Although she is on the brink of having it all, she learns that it comes with a cost and a whole bunch of consequences.

Originally titled ‘En del av dig,’ the emotional coming-of-age drama is helmed by Sigge Eklund and features stellar performances from a talented ensemble cast comprising Felicia Maxime, Edvin Ryding, Ida Engvoll, Alva Bratt, and Zara Larsson. The relatively dark visuals, as well as the carefully selected locations, complement the overall portrayal of life and death in ‘A Part of You.’

A Part of You Filming Sites

‘A Part of You’ was shot in its entirety in Sweden, specifically in the city of Stockholm. Reports suggest that the principal photography for the Netflix production got underway in May 2023 and wrapped up after seven months or so in December of the same year. During the shooting process, the cast and crew reportedly had a great time as they also got to explore the beautiful landscape of the area.

Stockholm, Sweden

The production team of ‘A Part of You’ traveled to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, to lens all the pivotal sequences. The cast and crew members set up camp in different streets and neighborhoods across the city to tape several important scenes against suitable backdrops. While the exterior portions, including the bicycle riding scene and the establishing shots, were taken on location in different parts of the city, most of the interior scenes of the characters’ residences were shot indoors as the filming unit seemingly took over actual residences and establishments.

Moreover, the director and his team recorded several key sequences involving prominent characters on a lake and its surrounding areas. From the looks of it, a bunch of portions were also taped inside an actual theater situated in and around the city of Stockholm. It is highly likely that you might notice a few iconic buildings and landmarks in the background, including the Royal Dramatic Theatre, the Drottningholm Palace, the Tessin Palace, Djurgårdsbron Bridge, and Söder Torn. Over the years, Stockholm has hosted the production of many film and TV projects, such as ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,‘ ‘The Square,’ ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web,’ ‘Young Royals,’ and ‘The Sandhamn Murders.’

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