A Summer to Remember: Cast and Filming Locations

‘A Summer to Remember’ starts with an ER doctor named Jessica, who barely gets any time to spend with her daughter Ava. As a result, she decides to take a trip to Fiji with Ava to show her why both she and her late husband love the place. Even though the main aim is to unwind and find inner peace, her goals are sidetracked when she meets Will, whom she first mistakes for a resort worker at Fiji. 

Both Will and Jessica form a bond, however, and it soon becomes a love triangle of sorts when the dashing thoracic surgeon Trevor makes an entry. Utterly confused, Jessica finds more on her plate when she learns about how she is due for a promotion, which both Ava and she knows is just a fancy term for more work. Thus, the film is full of the little bits of conflicts that Jessica is in for even on her vacation. 

A Summer to Remember Filming Locations 

The Hallmark film, which is set in Fiji, uses several locations in Fiji itself to set both the ambiance and narrative of the film. From resorts to wildlife, the various locations in Fiji add depth and color to the film. 

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

The volcanic archipelago of Fiji is a tourist attraction popular for both its exotic location, vibrancy, and unique feel. The film has extensively used several locations from these islands. In an interview, Cameron Mathison, who plays the role of Will, said, “In some ways, shooting in a place like Fiji can be distracting. Some of the locations would blow your mind. But, at the same time, these movies are shot in a short amount of time and there is a lot of (script) pages every day. You can be so busy working that you can also forget where you are working.” 

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Many of the resort scenes were shot in Likuliku Lagoon Resort. The wilderness retreat, true its name, caters to couples. Thus, it is no surprise that the resort was used to highlight much of the budding romance. In addition to Likuliku Lagoon Resort, several other resorts were also used to film several scenes. 

A Summer to Remember Cast 

Catherine Bell stars as Jessica in the film. Her other works include, ‘Still Small Voices,’ ‘The Good Witch,’ ‘Army Wives,’ ‘King & Maxwell,’ ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ ‘Bruce Almighty,’ and ‘Company Town,’ among several others. 

Cameron Mathison, who stars as Will is no new face, as one might be familiar with him from ‘Good Morning America.’ That said, he has also made a career as an actor well beyond his days as a news correspondent. His various works include, ‘Any Mother’s Son,’ ‘All My Children,’ ‘The Christmas Ornament,’ ‘A Christmas to Remember,’ and more. The character of Jessica’s daughter, Ava is played by Samantha MacGillivray. The young actress has featured in works like ‘Life of Jess,’ and ‘The Family Law.’ 

Other actors in the film include Paul O’Brien, Simone Annan, Karen Pang, Kirk Torrance, Matt Young, and Jon Prasida, among several others. 

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