A Tourist’s Guide to Love Ending: Do Amanda and Sinh End Up Together?

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Directed by Steven K. Tsuchida, Netflix’s romantic comedy film ‘A Tourist’s Guide to Love’ revolves around Amanda Riley, an executive of a tour company named Tourista. Amanda arrives in Vietnam to move on from her recent break up with John and evaluate a local tour company named Saigon Silver Star before Tourista makes a bid to buy the same. Her life turns around when she forms an attachment with her tour guide Sinh Thach, who eventually nurture feelings for her. Starring Rachael Leigh Cook as Amanda and Scott Ly as Sinh, the film ends with a significant decision they make concerning their togetherness. If you are intrigued about the same, let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens Between Amanda and Sinh?

Amanda arrives in Vietnam after breaking up with John, with whom she has been sharing her life for five years. He breaks up with her when she has been expecting him to propose to her, which further affects her. After arriving in Vietnam, she gets interested in Sinh, only for her boss Mona to encourage her to have a good time with the extremely handsome tour guide. Amanda and Sinh spend a lot of time together and the latter even teaches the former a few things such as crossing the road without fear. As the tour progresses, their interest in each other becomes evident enough for even Sinh’s grandmother Ba Noi to notice the same.

Image Credit: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

Thinking that Amanda loves her grandson Sinh, Ba Noi asks the former about the same, only for her to reply that she and Sinh are friends. Amanda initially believes that she cannot form a relationship with Sinh when she has to leave for California at the end of the trip. She doesn’t want to hurt Sinh, who has influenced her severely to change her perspective on life. However, their mutual attraction becomes irresistible on the occasion of the Vietnamese New Year as Amanda and Sinh share a kiss after the celebrations. They realize that they aren’t friends anymore, which becomes the foundation of a potential togetherness.

Meanwhile, Amanda’s ex-boyfriend John arrives in Vietnam to win her back. His presence infuriates Sinh, who has been dreaming of sharing his life with Amanda after their kiss. Amanda, on the other hand, confronts the need for choosing one between John and Sinh.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love Ending: Do Sinh and Amanda End Up Together?

Yes, Amanda and Sinh do end up together. When John returns to Amanda’s life, she gets confused about reuniting with him. She has always cherished a certain comfort and satisfaction with John. Nurturing a relationship with him is easy for her since nothing unexpected is expected to happen in the same. As someone who loves planning and knowing what will happen in her life ahead, John is close to her nature. However, if there’s one thing Amanda has learned from her Vietnam trip, it is to embrace the unexpected upon leaving her comfort zone. When Amanda lands in the Asian country, she has a meticulously prepared itinerary, which is a reflection of her life.

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Sinh then becomes a part of Amanda’s life and changes her way of living according to the plans. When she has been expecting to visit the world-renowned attractions in the country, Sinh takes her to severely lesser-known sites where she can “absorb” the beauty and culture of Vietnam. Spending time at these places makes her realize that the unexpected isn’t something to be disregarded. Amanda even gets to celebrate the memory of her grandmother by spending her time with Ba Noi, which will not be a part of any of the tour itineraries she could find. As Amanda embraces the astonishing surprises that happen in her life, she starts to love the person who made her do the same.

Amanda tolerated a relationship with John only because she was scared of stepping out of her comfort zone. She must have worried that stepping out of the same would result in losing something she has rather than gaining something she doesn’t. Her experience with Sinh makes her understand that life will be better and more captivating when one experiences the same beyond their comfort zone. Amanda realizes that she doesn’t need to settle with the predictability of John anymore, which leads her to unite with Sinh.

Image Credit: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

When Sinh comes to know that Amanda is in Vietnam to buy his uncle’s company, he feels betrayed. His love for her gets clouded by her unacceptable actions, which makes him decide to part ways with the latter. Before he could leave, Amanda finds him but only after rectifying her mistake. She makes sure that Saigon Silver Star will be run by him with Tourist as a partner, which makes Sinh happy. As the clouds in his mind move away, Sinh unites with Amanda. She embraces the unexpected and he forgives her for lying to him, which leads them to their union.

Since Tourista buys Saigon Silver Star, it will not be a surprise if Amanda convinces Mona to transfer her to Vietnam to run the newly acquired company with her partner Sinh.

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