A Very Venice Romance Filming Locations and Cast Details

With Liz Farrer as the helmsman, Hallmark’s ‘A Very Venice Romance’ is a romantic drama film that focuses on a young and determined New York executive named Amy who works for a wellness brand and aims to launch deliverable meal prep kits. In need of a culinary expert to guide her through the process, she comes across an Italian chef named Marcello Barone. Her determination takes her all the way to Italy, just to sway the Italian chef in her favor and convince him to help her through her company’s new venture. To much of her dismay, when she manages to gather some courage and reaches out to Marcello, he turns her down.

Being a hard-headed woman, instead of giving up and returning home, Amy signs up for an advanced cooking course in Marcello’s cooking school to make her case and ultimately persuade him. The romance between Amy and Marcello unfolds in Venice, Italy, mainly in the latter’s cooking school in a Venetian palazzo. Besides that, the stunning and picturesque backdrops of Venice’s streets make for a perfect setting for a romantic movie like ‘A Very Venice Romance.’ Thus, it is natural for one to wonder if the film was actually filmed in Venice or not. To answer your questions, we have gathered all the necessary details regarding the same!

Where Was A Very Venice Romance Filmed?

‘A Very Venice Romance’ was filmed in Bulgaria and Italy, particularly in Sofia and Venice. The principal photography reportedly commenced in June 2023 and continued for less than two months, before wrapping up in August of the same year. Now, without wasting any time, let us walk through the scenic streets along with the characters and learn all about the specific locations that make an appearance in the Hallmark film!

Sofia, Bulgaria

To shoot the first part of the production, the filming unit of ‘A Very Venice Romance’ set up camp in the capital of Bulgaria — Sofia. Located in the Sofia Valley at the foot of the Vitosha mountain, Sofia served as one of the primary production locations for the Hallmark project as the cast and crew members utilized different streets for the purpose of filming. Since the filming was mostly done on location, you are likely to spot some iconic local landmarks and buildings in the backdrop of some important scenes, such as Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Statue of Sveta Sofia, the National Palace of Culture, Borisova Gradina, and Ivan Vazov National Theatre.

Venice, Italy

After spending a month or so in Sofia, Bulgaria, the production team traveled all the way to Venice, Queen of the Adriatic. The capital of Italy’s Veneto region, Venice, is a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and open water, which is why several portions of the city are linked by bridges. These bridges and canals are featured heavily in a number of key portions of ‘A Very Venice Romance,’ making it a prominent filming site, living up to its title. Having been ranked the most beautiful city in the world several times, Venice’s beautiful and preserved landscape is put on display through different sequences in the movie.

A Very Venice Romance Cast

In ‘A Very Venice Romance,’ Stephanie Leonidas plays the character of Amy. Many of you are likely to recognize the English actress for her roles as Helena in ‘MirrorMask’ and as Irisa in ‘Defiance.’ Throughout her long acting career, she has been featured in a number of TV shows, including ‘Snatch,’ ‘American Gothic,’ ‘Daddy’s Girl,’ ‘Killjoys,’ ‘Van Der Valk,’ and ‘Crusade in Jeans.’ Besides that, ‘Luna’ and ‘Tomorrow’ are a couple of films that see her in starring roles.

On the other hand, Raniero Monaco Di Lapio portrays Marcello, the Italian chef and love interest of Amy, in the Hallmark production. After gaining recognition in ‘Big Brother,’ the Italian actor bagged roles in ‘So che ritornerai,’ ‘Amore 14,’ ‘Un passo dal cielo 2,’ ‘Taljanka,’ and ‘Catturandi – Nel nome del padre.’ Several other actors play supporting roles in the romantic film, including Max Kraus as Sage, Ellie Rose Boswell as Jessica Adams, Giovanni James Bertoia as Giorgio, JR Esposito as Dr. Higgins, and Alberto Basaluzzo as Gino.

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