A Welcome Home Christmas: Filming Locations And Cast Details

‘A Welcome Home Christmas’ is a romantic drama that revolves around a volunteer Army counselor and a just-returned veteran as they work together on their little town’s Army toy drive for Christmas, both falling in love with each other against the cheerful backdrop of end-of-year festivities. Chloe Marquee has always volunteered for and supported numerous military causes and organizations. When a returning soldier, Michael Fischer, needs help in adapting to civilian life, Chloe jumps at the chance to assist him.

Chloe helps Michael to re-enter society and fit in comfortably. While collaborating on the toy drive for kids and the Officers’ Christmas Ball, Chloe and Michael realize that their greatest Christmas gift is each other’s presence in their respective lives. Curious to know where ‘A Welcome Home Christmas’ was filmed and who makes up the main cast? Let’s find out.

A Welcome Home Christmas Filming Locations

‘A Welcome Home Christmas’ was filmed entirely in the state of Tennessee. Filming of this made-for-TV movie was done in late August 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic. The cast and crew were kept socially isolated from outsiders during filming. All proper guidelines against COVID-19 were observed. Here are more details about specific locations where this movie was filmed!

Springfield, Tennessee

‘A Welcome Home Christmas’ was filmed mostly in and around Springfield, Tennessee. Springfield is not a very popular location for filming Hollywood films and TV shows. Only a handful of other films (and some quite obscure ones) have been shot in Springfield, such as ‘Flowers For Fannie’, ‘Novitiate’, and ‘The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James’.

Nashville, Tennessee

Another major location where ‘A Welcome Home Christmas’ was shot is Nashville. This is also the filming location for several other movies and shows, a few of which are ‘The Matrix‘, ‘The Green Mile’, and ‘Wild Rose’.

A Welcome Home Christmas Cast

Jana Kramer and Brandon Quinn star as Chloe and Michael in ‘A Welcome Home Christmas.’ Jana Kramer is famous for her roles in ‘One Tree Hill‘, ‘90210’, and ‘Friday Night Lights’. Brandon Quinn’s previous acting credits include ‘The Fosters’, ‘Rebel’, ‘Entourage’, and ‘The O.C.’. The supporting cast for ‘A Welcome Home Christmas’ includes Charlene Tilton (‘Dallas’) as Lynn Marquee and Tim Reid (‘Sister, Sister’) as General O’Toole.

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