Accused Season 2 Starts Filming in Mississauga in June

The courtrooms are opening for cameras soon! The second season of FOX’s crime drama series ‘Accused’ will begin filming in Mississauga, Ontario, on June 24 and last until October 4. Howard Gordon developed the show based on BBC’s 2010 anthology series of the same name, created by Jimmy McGovern.

The first season offers a series of gripping trials, each presenting a unique tale of individuals facing the complexities of the legal system. From the harrowing story of a neurosurgeon grappling with his son’s descent into violence to the emotional journey of a deaf surrogate mother entangled in a custody battle, the episodes introduce the viewers to diverse narratives with depth.

As the installment progresses, audiences witness the turmoil of a teenager accused of a brutal crime, the struggles of a father seeking justice for his daughter’s assault, and the unlikely plight of a drag queen caught in a web of deceit and violence. Each episode unveils layers of human emotion, exposing the intricacies of morality, justice, and the consequences of human actions. From suburban courtrooms to bustling city streets, the trials of ‘Accused’ paint a vivid portrait of the human experience, challenging perceptions and evoking profound reflection on the nature of guilt and innocence.

While the second season’s specific storylines are under wraps, the essence of the crime anthology lies in portraying the journeys of defendants navigating the trial process. Described in the official synopsis as a reflection of contemporary society, each episode begins in a courtroom, withholding details about the defendants’ crimes or their paths to trial. We expect the series to continue to delve into evocative and poignant narratives, shedding light on how ordinary individuals become entangled in extraordinary situations with legal repercussions. Ultimately, we may witness the undeniable consequences of impulsive decisions, shaping not only the defendants’ lives but also those of others in ways unforeseen.

Given the series’ format of standalone episodes with different stars, it is hard to predict if any cast members from season 1 will return. The show’s dynamic nature leaves room for introducing a completely new ensemble to portray the characters in the upcoming episodes.

Toronto was the primary filming location of the show’s first season. Mississauga, which is located around twenty-eight kilometers away from Toronto, previously hosted the shooting of Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla‘ and the Netflix series ‘Sex/Life.’

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