Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent Renewed For Season 2 at Citytv

Detective sergeants Henry Graff and Frankie Bateman will be back for a second outing! Citytv has renewed ‘Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent’ for a second season. The pre-production work for the sophomore installment will begin in Toronto in June. Holly Dale continues to serve as a director of the series, developed by Tassie Cameron based on Dick Wolf’s ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent.’

In the ongoing first season, Henry Graff and Frankie Bateman are immersed in a series of gripping investigations. Their journey begins with the mysterious disappearance of a crypto investor, which leads to a frantic search for the missing individual and millions of dollars belonging to his clients. Subsequent episodes delve into a shooting that unearths a two-decade-old cold case, the murder of an esteemed art professor that necessitates deciphering clues hidden within her own artwork, and a stabbing amid a heated mayoral campaign, which is intertwined with the death of a local journalist.

In the first installment, Henry and Frankie are entangled in the complex web of a global crime syndicate, delve into corporate corruption within the food industry, and uncover the truth behind a wrongful dismissal that leads to a tragic outcome. Furthermore, they confront the dark underbelly of sports culture when investigating the death of a promising hockey star amidst a scandalous hazing controversy.

The viewers can expect a continuation of captivating investigations and compelling storylines in the show’s second season. The upcoming installment will likely delve deeper into the lives of Henry and Frankie as they navigate the complexities of the Greater Toronto Area’s criminal underworld. With season 1 yet to conclude, the direction of the sophomore installment will largely depend on the unresolved mysteries and character arcs that will unfold in the remaining episodes. As the detectives confront new challenges, the audiences can anticipate even more twists, turns, and revelations that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

The core cast members, including Aden Young as Detective Sergeant Henry Graff, Kathleen Munroe as Detective Sergeant Frankie Bateman, K. C. Collins as Deputy Crown Attorney Theo Forrester, and Karen Robinson as Inspector Vivienne Holness, will appear in the second season barring any unforeseen last minute changes. The returnees may include Nicola Correia-Damude as Dr. Lucy Da Silva, Araya Mengesha as Mark Yohannes, and Tammy Isbell as Detective Alice Riley.

The series’ first installment was also filmed in Toronto. One of the most prominent shooting locations on the North American continent, the city continues to host the production of projects like ‘Reacher‘ and ‘The Boys.’

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