Adrian Andres: The Law of the Jungle Winner is a Podcast Host Now

Netflix’s ‘The Law Of The Jungle’ is an interesting survival reality show that brings together 12 contestants and has them survive with limited resources in the jungle. While the contestants are initially divided into two groups of six, they have to take on several challenges to keep themselves safe from elimination. Moreover, the show occasionally offers a way for some of the contestants to make more money if they are okay with betraying their team.

Season 1 of ‘The Law of the Jungle’ introduced Multimedia Artist Adrian Andres, who was determined to gain an advantage by any means necessary. Even though most of the challenges encouraged teamwork, Adrian seemed to understand why people would sabotage their teams for extra money. Well, with the season now over, let’s find out where Adrian is at present, shall we?

Adrian Andres’s The Law of the Jungle Journey

Adrian Andres appeared quite confident about his chances of winning and knew he had to fight for himself in the journey. Still, he had to formulate a working strategy, as he did not want his group to turn against him and send him to the purge. Nevertheless, he was initially sorted into the orange team and soon struck up a close relationship with most of his teammates. Moreover, even though Adrian was a staunch believer in individuality, he proved himself to be a team player by allowing his group to benefit from his abilities.

As the competition progressed, Adrian gradually got tempted by the offer of money and decided to betray his team. Subsequently, he went on to accept a few offers and tried to sabotage his team’s performance in several activities in exchange for additional monetary rewards. Such behavior turned Adrian into a villain in the eyes of his team members, and he even began losing their trust. Thankfully, the Multimedia Artist did not take long to realize that he was being isolated and decided to change his ways in order to stay in the competition. In fact, he even helped eliminate some of the contestants who were bleeding the final jackpot dry because of their personal gains. In the finale, all five of the remaining contestants, including Adrian, voted to finish the last task as a team. Hence, the host declared them all winners, and considering the money Adrian had won earlier, he walked away with 327,000 pesos in prize money.

Where Is Adrian Andres Now?

At present, Adrian resides in Mexico City, Mexico, and has built up a wonderful life surrounded by his friends and loved ones. Apart from earning a living as a Multimedia Artist, Adrian is a vocal LGBTQ+ and human rights activist. Additionally, Adrian has an immense fan following on most social media platforms and is also associated with the multidisciplinary creative agency La Biblia Drag, which specializes in event design, promotion, talent management, production, and much more. Besides, we are also happy to report that the reality star hosts his own podcast ‘La Manzana de Adrián,’ which is produced by the Mexican social media handle Escándala! It honestly is heartwarming to witness Adrian’s remarkable life, and we hope he finds success in all his future endeavors.

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