Is The Law of the Jungle Scripted or Real?

Netflix’s ‘The Law of the Jungle,’ AKA ‘La Ley de la Selva,’ is a Mexican reality series that combines survival adventures with entertaining drama to provide viewers with a truly captivating piece of media. With 2 million pesos(about 104 thousand dollars) on the line, each and every participant try their level best to stay in the competition for as long as possible. However, the show breaks the concept of winner-takes-all by allowing contestants to sabotage their team in order to ensure a certain sum of money for themselves.

With the talented Yolanda Andrade as the host, the survival series has amassed a fan following that transcends boundaries. The numerous twists and turns within the show keep the viewers on the edge of their seats as they root for their favorite cast members. However, there are many people who are also curious about whether or not the show is really unscripted. Well, we are here to explore the same!

Is The Law of the Jungle Scripted?

No, we do not believe that ‘The Law of the Jungle’ is scripted. Like any competition series, it follows a set pattern that ensures the game continues. Even though the show is set in the wild, it is easy to see the man-made structures in the area and how participants are able to utilize some of the modern amenities but still have to fend for themselves when it comes to warmth or food.

The name of the Netflix series is likely inspired by the phrase coined by Rudyard Kipling in ‘The Jungle Book.’ The context in which the beloved writer uses the expression is not that different than the situation in which the contestants find themselves. Either they must adapt according to how the events occur or risk elimination. While not everyone can be the winner, it still does not mean one must leave empty-handed. This means every participant must check for themselves how much they are willing to take from the final pot before they become the subject of everyone’s ire.

However, it is evident that the participants are not the only ones who must adapt to the circumstances. Depending upon the behavior of the contestants and upcoming events, the offers shared by those in charge are quite specific and can often change depending upon the situation. It is also not unknown for players to be offered certain items in exchange for a certain amount being deducted from the final prize.

For example, season 1 saw John Guts agreeing to decrease the final prize by 100 thousand pesos for dry wood and lighter. In the same season, we also saw Leslie Gallardo agreeing to sacrifice 50 thousand pesos in exchange for a chocolate cake. Neither of these offers really affected the outcomes of the various games played by the competitors though they did contribute to confusing and infuriating some of the participants.

In other words, ‘The Law of the Jungle’ is a dynamic show where few things are set in stone. Based on the personal decisions made by the participants, the outcomes of each and every event easily break the mold of what is to be expected. It is not unknown for people to either reject tempting offers or lose easy games for some money. However, the fact that some people have also ended up not following through on their agreed-upon agreements simply because of mistakes made by others or themselves lends to the candidness and legitimacy of the show.

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