Leslie Gallardo: Where is The Law of the Jungle Winner Now?

As the title suggests, Netflix’s ‘The Law Of The Jungle‘ is an exciting game show that takes 12 contestants and has them spend some time in the wilderness with limited resources. While the contestants are initially divided into two groups of six, they have to take on several challenges and endure purges in order to save themselves from elimination. Furthermore, the show also offers some the opportunity to sabotage their team’s efforts for extra prize money.

Season 1 of ‘The Law of the Jungle’ introduced Leslie Gallardo, a lively and down-to-earth individual who seemed ready for any obstacle the game might throw at her. However, fans wondered if she would be able to hold her own when put in the midst of people who would betray their team for money. Well, with the cameras turned away, let’s find out where Leslie is at present, shall we?

Leslie’s The Law of the Jungle Journey

Leslie came onto the show with a whole lot of confidence, and even though she faced people from other walks of life who seemed better suited for a life in the wilderness, she was certain that playing as a team would ensure success. Subsequently, Leslie was asked to become a part of the blue team, and it did not take any time for the professional model to befriend her teammates. From the very onset, she proved to be a valuable group member and made it clear that she valued the welfare of her team over her personal gains. In fact, Leslie was even ready to give it her all in most challenges, and the orange team benefitted greatly from her commitment.

While each group was given its own challenges, the game would often single out a participant and offer them extra money in exchange for sabotaging their team’s progress. Incidentally, at one point in time, the host believed that Leslie was a prime candidate for such an offer. However, the professional model refused to get swayed by the money and denied the opportunity, reinstating her commitment to her team. Eventually, after the final purge, only five contestants remained on the show. These members were asked to vote on whether they would like to compete for the prize money independently. However, Leslie, along with her teammates, decided they would remain a team, come what may. Hence, the five took on the final challenge together, and Leslie was able to take home 297,000 pesos in prize money.

Leslie Gallardo is Thriving Today

Leslie seemingly had a wonderful time on ‘The Law of the Jungle,’ and she even made a few friends for life. Besides, after filming wrapped, she returned to her everyday routine and is enjoying life surrounded by her loved ones. From the looks of it, Leslie currently divides her time between the countries of Mexico and Cuba and has built up an impressive reputation in the modeling industry. She is managed by the talent management group, ServicioDeAgencia, and made her first foray into the entertainment industry through her appearance on ‘Acapulco Shore.’ From then on, the professional model never looked back as she was the Pink Carpet host for the 5th Annual MTV Millennial Awards in 2018 and even appeared in several popular music videos. Additionally, Leslie is famous as a social media influencer with over 1 million followers on all platforms combined, and we wish her the best for the years to come.


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