Adrian Stoica and Hurricane: Where Are AGT Season 18 Winners Now?

NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent‘ (AGT) is a popular reality TV talent competition show that showcases a wide range of performers from across the country. The contestants of all ages and talents compete for a chance to win a cash prize and the title of America’s Got Talent champion. The 18th season of the show concluded on September 27, 2023, and featured a diverse array of acts, including singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, acrobats, ventriloquists, and more. Adrian Stoica and Hurricane emerged as the winners of the season. If you are interested in knowing all the details about them, we have got you covered. Let’s get started!

Adrian Stoica and Hurricane’s AGT Journey

Adrian Stoica, a talented dog trainer, and his beloved border collie, Hurricane, captured the hearts of audiences and judges alike during the 18th season of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Their captivating and awe-inspiring performances wowed viewers with each appearance, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the results. When the moment of truth arrived, Adrian and Hurricane emerged as the winners of the season, securing a coveted cash prize of $1 million. Hurricane’s incredible journey began in Romania in 2014 when she was abandoned as a puppy. However, fate had something special in store for her. She crossed paths with Adrian, a devoted pet parent and a renowned dog trainer.

Adrian and Hurricane’s partnership blossomed as they honed their talents and embarked on a journey together. They participated in various talent competitions across the globe, showcasing their unique bond and incredible tricks. Their path eventually led them to audition for the 18th season of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ During their audition, set to the tune of Meghan Trainor’s “Better When I’m Dancing,” Hurricane displayed her exceptional skills like balancing upside down on Adrian’s feet, playful interactions like making him chase the remote, and effortlessly clearing hurdles.

Adrian and Hurricane’s dedication to their craft paid off as they continued to refine and enhance their acts. One of their standout performances occurred during the qualifiers, which was a live show, when Hurricane operated a lawnmower and added playful spins while showering Adrian with freshly cut grass. This act was acclaimed by everyone, especially Sophia Vergara, who said, “That was perfection. I love the relationship that you two have. I love that he’s having so much fun, the humor, the story, I think Hurricane is ready for Vegas.” Their act consistently earned them standing ovations and resounding applause from all the judges and the audience and they made their way to the finals.

In the grand finale, Adrian and Hurricane delivered a memorable performance set to Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” The act had a humorous twist as Hurricane assisted Adrian in preparing for a date with a Sofia Vergara cut-out. To everyone’s delight, Sofia Vergara herself joined them on stage later in the performance, and Hurricane played the role of the perfect wingdog. The finale was not only about their solo act but also featured a collaboration with celebrity chef Cat Cora. Adrian and Hurricane teamed up with Cat Cora to create a unique performance where they showcased their incredible talents alongside the culinary skills of the renowned chef. When the results for the season were announced, Adrian and Hurricane became the first dog act in the history of AGT to claim the coveted title.

Where are Adrian Stoica and Hurricane Now?

After their victorious run on the season, Adrian and Hurricane are undoubtedly set to capitalize on their newfound popularity. Along with their substantial cash prize, the dynamic duo has also secured an exciting opportunity to become part of the cast of ‘America’s Got Talent Presents Superstars Live,’ a headlining stage show hosted at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Fans can eagerly anticipate their thrilling performances at this prestigious event. They will also be enjoying a new Kia car, which was included as part of their prize package.

Adrian and Hurricane have a strong bond as they have been performing together for 8 years. They previously reached the semifinals of ‘Italia’s Got Talent’ in 2017 and participated in ‘Romania’s Got Talent’ in both 2018 and 2022. At Adrian’s home, there are not just one but eight dogs and two cats, hinting at more exciting adventures ahead. He is poised to offer workshops and coaching sessions and expand their horizons even further. With the anticipation of a thrilling future together, we extend our best wishes to Adrian and hope that Hurricane enjoys all the treats and love she deserves, for she truly is an exceptional dog.

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