Anna DeGuzman: Where is AGT Season 18 Runner-up Now?

The 18th season of the immensely popular reality TV show, ‘America’s Got Talent‘, reached its thrilling conclusion on September 27, 2023. This season provided a platform for a diverse array of artists, ranging from musicians and magicians to comedians and performers, all vying for the prestigious title of AGT champion and the lucrative rewards that accompany it. It featured an impressive lineup of exceptional talents, including the remarkable Anna DeGuzman. Let’s delve into Anna DeGuzman’s journey on ‘AGT’ and discover what she has been up to since the season wrapped up.

Anna DeGuzman’s AGT Journey

Anna, a 24-year-old magician hailing from New Jersey, made a lasting impression during her audition on the season, showcasing her extraordinary skill in “cardistry.” Anna drew her inspiration from magician Shin Lim, who had previously won ‘AGT’ season 13, and aimed to establish herself as a prominent performer in the season. Eager to prove to her Filipino mother that she could build a career in magic, Anna left the judges astounded with one of the most remarkable performances they had witnessed. Her act not only showcased an impressive sleight of hand but also incorporated engaging interactions and her captivating smile.

With a combination of surreal shuffles, visual tricks, and heartfelt engagement with the judges, Anna left an indelible mark, earning unanimous acceptance and acclaim from all the judges. She achieved a significant milestone in her journey as the first woman close-up magician to progress to the Live Shows round. During her second performance, Anna boldly invited all four judges to join her on stage and partake in her act. Although she encountered a minor hiccup along the way, she completed her card tricks and wrapped up her performance by revealing Judge Howie’s chosen card from a cake.

The judges were thoroughly impressed with Anna’s stage presence, ability to maintain composure, and capacity to handle unexpected situations during her act. She reached impressive heights by landing in the top 2 during the fourth week of the competition. Before her finale performance, she had the opportunity to attend a magic convention, where she crossed paths with former AGT winners Shin Lim, Mat Franco, and Dustin Tavella, as well as semi-finalist Colin Cloud. They generously shared their experiences with her, providing valuable insights into her AGT journey.

As she prepared for her finale performance, Anna’s mother, who had not seen any of her previous shows, was set to attend. The nerves were palpable, but Anna’s honest display of emotions endeared her to the audience. Her performance garnered a standing ovation from judge Heidi Klum, marking a poignant and memorable moment in her ‘AGT’ journey. In her second finale performance, Anna had the privilege of sharing the stage with popular pop and R&B singer Jason Derulo. Her remarkable set garnered enough votes from fans to secure her a place in the Top 5. Although she ultimately finished the competition as a runner-up, it was undoubtedly one of the happiest moments of Anna’s life.

Where is Anna DeGuzman Now?

Anna had previously competed on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ and made an appearance on ‘Penn and Teller: Fool Us,’ which contributed to her experience and exposure in the magic industry. However, her appearance on the 18th season of ‘America’s Got Talent’ had a significant impact on her social media following. As a professional magician, she had already been doing private shows and some public performances, but with her newfound recognition from ‘AGT,’ her performance bookings are likely to increase. Anna offers magic lessons on her Passes account, and she plans to continue providing this service.

Above all, Anna has a heartfelt mission to inspire young women to pursue their passion for magic. She recognizes that female participation in the magic industry has been historically low and often stigmatized. Anna is determined to be a catalyst for change in this regard, encouraging and empowering young girls to embrace magic as a form of self-expression and creativity. In an interview, she said, “There’s no reason a girl couldn’t do magic. I think that’s what I try to put out there. There are actually a lot of girls who come up to me saying, ‘Oh I really like magic, but I never really tried to do it, learn it, pursue it.’ They didn’t think it was a thing to go after, as a woman.”

Magic has played a significant role in Anna’s life, helping her cope with loneliness during her upbringing as she was raised by a single mother. She understands the transformative power of magic and wants to extend that empowering experience to other girls who may be hesitant to explore it due to the challenges they may face based on their gender. Her commitment to this cause is an inspiring testament to her passion for both magic and social progress.

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