Everything We Know About After We Collided

‘After We Collided’ is a romantic drama that picks up the story from where ‘After’ leaves off. We have seen Tessa moving to college where she falls for Hardin, who’s exactly the sort of emotionally unavailable and complex guy that some people like. Despite several people saying that Hardin is not good for Tessa, the two begin to date, which breaks Tessa’s long time boyfriend, Noah’s heart. However, Hardin’s intentions come to light threatening to tear their relationship asunder, until he makes up by confessing his love for her.

Despite the reconciliation, you might be wondering where Tessa and Hardin’s love story will go in ‘After We Collided.’ Here’s everything we know about the movie.

After We Collided Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘After We Collided’ was originally slated to release in May 2020. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release has been delayed. Currently, ‘After We Collided’ is slated to release on October 2, 2020.

You might also be wondering whether the movie will arrive on Netflix. Since ‘After’ is on the platform, there’s no reason why the second part won’t head to the streaming site eventually. ‘After’ released in April 2019, and became available on Netflix in October 2019. Following the same schedule, ‘After We Collided’ releases in October 2020, so we might see it on Netflix by March 2021.

After We Collided Cast: Who Is In It?

Among the cast members, we know that Josephine Langford will be back as Tessa Young while Hero Fiennes-Tiffin will be seen reprising the part of Hardin Scott. After all, the two are the central characters whose love story drives the plot forward. Among new cast members, we see Dylan Sprouse coming on as Trevor Matthews. You can check out the actor’s official confirmation, below.

It will be interesting to see the exchanges between Trevor and Hardin since the latter cannot stand the former, who’s Tessa’s co-worker, and has the hots for her.

After We Collided Plot: What Is It About?

The story is based on Anna Todd’s novel but takes liberties in the narration. After Tessa and Hardin’s tumultuous start, there is still a chance for them until a bombshell revelation about Hardin’s past is simply too much for Tessa to bear. She is conflicted about whether Hardin is a stranger to her, or if he is the deep and thoughtful guy she fell in love with. Moreover, the memories of the time they spent together keep coming back.

She feels that she cannot take one more broken promise and has put too much on hold for Hardin. Perhaps, Tessa needs to move on. However, Hardin knows he has made a mistake and doesn’t want to go down without a fight. The question is whether he can change, or wants to change, for love. Tessa has everything to lose, and Hardin has nothing to lose, but her.

After We Collided Trailer:

You can check out the trailer for the movie below, to get an idea of what might be in store.

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