When Will Ahiru no Sora Episode 14 Premiere?

Sports anime, to an extent, are all the same. They highlight the journeys of underdogs who struggle to make their way to the top and everything finally comes to an end with one intense rivalry between two teams. ‘Ahiru no Sora‘ is not different. While it is the culmination of everything that one would expect from it, what makes it more engaging than other similar anime shows, is its intriguing characters.

With each episode, the anime takes its own time to develop each of its characters through backstories. And it’s these backstories that coherently reflect on each of their motives and aspirations from the game of basketball. So if you had good watching ‘Kuroko no Basket‘ or even ‘Slam Dunk’, you will certainly enjoy this one as well.

With that said, if you have been following the journey of Kuzuryuu High School’s basketball team, like us, you must be eagerly waiting for its next episode. So here’s everything that you need to know about the release date and streaming availability of Episode 14.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 14 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Ahiru no Sora’ premiered on October 2, 2019 and has a total of 50 episodes in its first season. ‘Ahiru no Sora’ episode 14 was initially scheduled to release on January 1, 2020, however, it has now been postponed to January 8, 2020.

Where to Watch Ahiru no Sora Episode 14 English Dub Online?

You can stream ‘Ahiru no Sora’ on Crunchyroll and HiDive with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 13 Recap

In the recent episode of ‘Ahiru no Sora’, the basketball camp ensued with Nanao Nao, as always, pushing his teammates to their absolute limit. However, since some of them are still trying to learn the game of basketball, they find it hard to keep up with his grueling training and even give up. Kite gets really mad at all of them and even confronts the rest of his teammates in the locker room.

With this, the very next day, Ryuuhei and Masahiro decide to leave the team and don’t show up for practice. On their way back home, Ryuuhei and Masahiro run into a bunch of middle-school kids playing basketball. They confidently step in to challenge the young boys. However, to their surprise, they end up losing against them and learn a crucial lesson. Back at the court, Sora promises Chiaki that he will bring them back. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The next episode will revolve around Sora’s attempts at bringing them back. According to the manga, he approaches the two boys and asks them to join the team again, but they stick to their decision of staying out of it. Ryuuhei and Masahiro later end up running into the same middle-school kids who defeated them the last time and challenge them all over again. While they struggle to win this rematch, Sora shows up out of nowhere, takes a pass from Masahiro, and scores a winning basket. This is the moment when he finally manages to convince them to return to their training with the team.