Alan and Carl Glatzel: Where Are David Glatzel’s Brothers Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Devil on Trial’ presents new insights into the well-known case of the alleged demonic possession of David Glatzel. Directed by Chris Holt, the documentary features various members of the Glatzel family who have their own take on just how things in their youth happened, especially in the context of the murder of Alan Bono. The most compelling of the stories perhaps comes from Alan and Carl Glatzel, older brothers of David whose life has been permanently altered by the whole situation. So, what are the two men up to these days? Well, let’s find out together, shall we?

Where is Alan Glatzel Now?

Alan Glatzel, the middle son of Carl Glatzel Sr and Judy Glatzel, has been more than open to talking about how his brother was allegedly possessed by a demon in July 1980. His conviction of the same has remained unwavering for the past four decades, allowing him to even be firm in the complete innocence of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, who was dating Alan’s sister, Deborah “Debbie” Glatzel, at the time. Alan does not seem to have fond memories of his older brother, Carl Glatzel Jr.

Among the various members of the Glatzel family, Alan has perhaps been one of the most forthcoming when talking about that apparent possession of David. Over the years, it does not seem like Alan and Carl have come to a similar conclusion about the events from their childhood, with the former’s firm belief in the supernatural. Interestingly, unlike his brothers, Carl Glatzel does seem to have a healthy respect for Ed and Lorraine Warren even today.

Where is Carl Glatzel Now?

Up next, we have Carl Glatzel Jr, the oldest Glatzel brother, who has been quite vocal about denouncing the belief that his youngest brother, David Glatzel, was possessed by a demon. In the Netflix documentary, he candidly talks about how the actions of his brother could be attributed to Ed Warren’s words. He revealed that when the demonologist had visited the Glatzels, he had allegedly told what David might do next right in front of him, which he found odd.

“My concern was, why talk about the subject when [he’s] sitting right there? Have the kids go outside, go downstairs, go do something,” David explained. “But they wanted to make sure we heard it. And we did. Like, you’re leading them on what to do. A couple days later, David was doing just that, word for word.” Carl has stated that he does not believe that Arne Johnson was possessed by a demon when he killed Alan Bono. Instead, he claimed that Arne had always been possessive of Debbie, which led him to stab Alan Bono, with whom Debbie was rumored to be having an affair.

Carl was also quite unhappy with how his family’s story was told in ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” claiming that the Warrens were profiting off the suffering of his family. He even decided to sue Gerald Brittle and Lorraine Warren when the duo decided to reprint ‘The Devil in Connecticut’ in 2006. The book tells the story of the Glatzel, though the family themselves have seen little to no profit from the venture.

In the Netflix documentary, Carl also revealed how he had found his mother’s journals after her death, which revealed that she had allegedly been mixing a drug called Sominex in the food given to the family members. Carl firmly believed that it was the long-term ingestion of this particular drug that might have led his brothers to have hallucinations and other problems. As of 2021, Carl was planning for his wedding and was working as a contractor.

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