Alex McLaughlin: Where is Heather Frank’s Son Now?

ABC’s ’20/20: Dying to Meet You’ is a special episode that tells the story of the double killings of Scott Sessions and Heather Frank at the hands of Kevin Eastman. The terrible tragedy was tough on Heather’s son, Alexander “Alex” McLaughlin, who we see grieving in the show. His heartbreaking account of how he learned about his mother’s passing touched many hearts and has left people curious about where he might be these days. So, we are here to explore his whereabouts and tell you what we know about the same!

Who is Alex McLaughlin?

Alex McLaughlin was one of the three sons of Heather Frank with Fred McLaughlin. He grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado, alongside his brother Blake and Christian McLaughlin. The three were close to their mother and were Heather’s pride and joy, with people praising her for her boys. Alex graduated from Greeley West High School and gained his bachelor’s degree in History from the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

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Starting in 2015, Alex’s mother, Heather Frank, was in a relationship with Kevin Eastman. However, after years of what has been accepted by multiple parties as a toxic and abusive relationship, the couple broke up. In January 2020, Heather met Scott Sessions and started dating him. Upon learning about this, Eastman came to her home on February 8, 2020, possibly knowing that the musician planned on visiting her that day.

As established in the court, Eastman killed Scott in front of Heather’s house, and she helped him hide the body, possibly due to fear of her former partner. It is then believed that he decided to kill her not to have any eyewitnesses. The discovery of Scott’s body had made Heather a suspect, especially when the investigators found a huge bloodstain in front of her home. However, they could not find her at home. At the same time, law enforcement also started investigating Eastman upon learning about his connection with Heather.

On February 16, 2020, Heather’s body was discovered in a rural home near a woodpile with a burning firepit nearby. Her body bore two gunshot wounds to her heart, indicating they were fired at a close range. The same day, Eastman was found at a nearby gas station where he was with a container, suggesting that he might have planned on burning Heather’s body in a way similar to that of Scott’s. Additionally, he was found with bullets matching her injuries.

The terrible news of his mother’s passing was conveyed to Alex by the police, leaving him distraught. It was not until July 21, 2022, that Eastman was sentenced on two counts of first-degree murder, two charges of tampering with a deceased’s body, and two additional instances of tampering with the evidence. The two life sentences and a further term of 27 years for Eastman seemed to soothe Alex, who continues to grieve his mother. “My mom was more than just my mom. She was my best friend. The memories we had together I will cherish forever. I miss her every day and will continue to miss her every day,” he stated while talking about Heather.

Where is Alex McLaughlin Now?

Image Credit: Alexander McLaughlin

As of writing, Alex does seem to be doing well in his life. He is seemingly married to Jose Angel Gudiño Villalobos, having tied the knot on January 5, 2021. Alex is based in Greeley, Colorado, and seems to be working as a Deli Manager since May 2022. We wish him and his close ones the best in their lives and offer our condolences for their terrible loss in the form of Heather’s passing.

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