Alex Zamm’s National Lampoon’s Just Be Claus Plot and Filming Details, Revealed

Image Credit: Screen Rant Plus/YouTube

The filming of Alex Zamm’s ‘National Lampoon’s Just Be Claus’ is slated to start in Helen, Georgia, in June. The movie revolves around Nick Loozer, a down-on-his-luck mechanic who hates Christmas because of an unfortunate childhood incident. As an adult, Nick has become a “glass half full kind of guy” who loves every holiday, except for Christmas. His life gets flipped upside down when his girlfriend Darla leaves him, his auto body shop goes out of business, and he gets caught up in the middle of a biker gang shootout.

Tanner Beard//Image Credit: Mammoth Film Festival/YouTube

As the narrative progresses, Nick becomes the leading witness in the case against dangerous biker gang leader Coal. To save himself and protect his loving grandmother, the mechanic has no choice but to agree to enter the witness protection program until the trial, only to end up in Santa Claus, Indiana, where Christmas is celebrated throughout the year. “With the biker gang hot on his trail, Nick must learn to channel his inner Santa, find the holiday spirit, and blend in with the reindeer-antler-wearing locals to stay alive,” concludes the logline.

Zamm is helming the film based on a screenplay by Tanner Beard and Jonathan Meyers. The filmmaker’s recent directorial credits include episodes of the TV show ‘The Baxters.’ He also helmed ‘Under Wraps 2,’ in which Amy and her friends Gilbert and Marshall uncover a perilous situation surrounding her father’s Halloween-themed wedding. In ‘Under Wraps,’ Zamm narrated the story of three friends who accidentally awaken a mummy named Harold and must return him to his resting place before midnight on Halloween.

Additionally, Zamm directed ‘Paris, Wine & Romance,’ which depicts Isabella’s journey as she competes in a prestigious wine competition in Paris, where she encounters her formidable rival Jacques. He also contributed as a director to the animated TV series ‘Woody Woodpecker.’ His credits include projects such as ‘Christmas in Evergreen,’ ‘A Christmas Prince,’ and ‘Crown for Christmas.’

Meyers co-wrote movies such as ‘Sentinel,’ ‘Con Man,’ and ‘Confession.’ Beard’s writing credits include ‘Radio Telescope,’ ‘6 Bullets to Hell,’ and ‘Your Friends Will Never Believe You.’ The duo previously collaborated on ‘The Best Worst Christmas Ever’ as well.

Helen, the principal location of the film, is a mountain town renowned for vineyards and Bavarian-style buildings. The region most recently hosted the shooting of productions such as ‘A Taste of Christmas‘ and ‘Portal to Germany.’

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