Mia Threapleton Joins the Cast of Wes Anderson’s The Phoenician Scheme

Mia Threapleton has joined the cast of Wes Anderson’s next film ‘The Phoenician Scheme.’ The actress will star alongside Benicio Del Toro, Michael Cera, and Bill Murray. Anderson wrote the movie with his frequent collaborator Roman Coppola. The plot of the project, which has begun filming in Potsdam, Germany, revolves around a family and a family business, focusing on a father-daughter relationship with elements of espionage present in a dark tone.

Threapleton’s recent roles include Honoria Marable in Apple TV+’s historical series ‘The Buccaneers‘ and Joan Bocher in ‘Firebrand,’ a movie that delves into the marriage of Queen Katherine Parr and Henry VIII. Her portfolio also extends to appearances in shows like ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ and ‘I Am…’ The actress took on the lead role of Alma in the thriller film ‘Shadows,’ in which Alma and her sister Alex, survivors of a catastrophic event, are sheltered by their overprotective mother from ominous beings known as the Shadows.

Cera has been portraying John in Amy Schumer’s TV series ‘Life & Beth.’ The actor is also a part of the cast of last year’s blockbuster ‘Barbie’ as Allan and the critically acclaimed black comedy ‘Dream Scenario‘ as Trent. The actor lent his voice to the titular character in Netflix’s ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ as well. Del Toro played Tom Nichols in ‘Reptile‘ and previously collaborated with Anderson in ‘The French Dispatch,’ portraying Moses Rosenthaler. Bill Murray’s recent credits include ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,’ ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever,’ and the TV miniseries ‘The Now.’

Most recently, Anderson penned and directed four short films for Netflix, which are ‘The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,’ ‘The Swan,’ ‘The Rat Catcher,’ and ‘Poison,’ all adapted from Roald Dahl’s tales. His last feature, Jason Schwartzman and Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Asteroid City,’ follows a writer deeply involved in crafting a celebrated fictional play, which narrates the tale of a mourning father and his family as they venture to Asteroid City for a junior stargazing contest.

Coppola’s latest writing contributions include scripts for Anderson’s films such as ‘Asteroid City’ and ‘The French Dispatch.’ Previous collaborations between Coppola and Anderson extend to works like ‘Isle of Dogs,’ ‘The Darjeeling Limited,’ and ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’

The movie is currently being filmed at Studio Babelsberg in Potsdam, where the esteemed director shot numerous films in the past, including ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ ‘The French Dispatch,’ and ‘Asteroid City.’ After the schedule in Germany, the production is expected to move to the United Kingdom.

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