Life & Beth: 8 Similar Shows You’ll Like

Under the creative direction of Amy Schumer, ‘Life & Beth’ takes us on a journey of self-discovery through the eyes of Beth, an aging wine saleswoman who is desperately seeking to overhaul her life. Realizing that she is stuck at a job she doesn’t like and in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere, Beth reluctantly seizes the reigns of her life. She breaks up with her obnoxious boyfriend and goes on an adventure of self-exploration, eventually visiting a farm run by a quirky man, John. As the two hit it off, the series delivers an engaging narrative filled with humorous moments, interesting characters, and offbeat themes. These are some unique shows, like ‘Life & Beth,’ that intrigue us with their compelling characters and entertain us with their hilarious writing.

8. On the Verge (2021)

On the Verge,’ brought to life by Julie Delpy, centers around the lives of four fun-loving middle-aged women facing their own struggles with career aspirations, family responsibilities, and personal relationships. Despite their burdens, the four come together for whimsical outings and hilarious discourses. As they traverse unexpected twists and turns in their lives, the women form a tight-knit bond. Those who liked the humorous narrative of Beth’s midlife crisis in Amy Schumer’s show will find themselves thoroughly entertained and subtly touched by the life-affirming tales of companionship spun by ‘On the Verge.’

7. Wellmania (2023)

Wellmania‘ by Brigid Delaney and Benjamin Law centers on Liv Healy, a woman whose uninhibited love for food and drinks causes a health crisis, resulting in a missed career opportunity. Vowing to reforge herself, she jogs for the first time and attends yoga classes, along with a slew of lifestyle changes that slam into her like a truck. Her hilarious and endearing escapades on her fitness journey are sure to be appreciated by those who resonate with Beth’s own unhealthy lifestyle and mild attempts at correcting it in ‘Life & Beth.’ Both shows share an unrestrained style of comedy that is driven by an actress who is also a comic.

6. Finding Ola (2022-)

Created by Ghada Abdel Aal, ‘Finding Ola’ is an Egyptian Netflix series that narrates the tale of a newly divorced housewife building herself up from scratch, enabling the exploration of dazzlingly new ideas in her life. Ola’s picture-perfect life comes crashing down when her drained husband waves the white flag and makes his exit from her life. Left alone to care for her mother and children, Ola begins to sell homemade cosmetics, and her brand unexpectedly takes off. What follows is a lighthearted journey of self-exploration sure to be enjoyed by fans of Amy Schumer’s work. Ola turns a new page for herself and her family, reinventing herself despite her comedic struggles.

5. Tiny Beautiful Things (2023)

Tiny Beautiful Things’ by Liz Tigelaar is a Hulu TV mini-series that begins with the life of middle-aged Clare Pierce cascading downwards. Her husband leaves her, her daughter hates her, and nothing seems to be going her way. Much like Beth in ‘Life & Beth,’ Clare begins to think back on her life, figuring out all the things she would tell her twenty-two-year-old self if she could. Motivated by a friend, she starts a self-help column listing all the lessons she would impart to a younger self. Similar to Amy Schumer’s narrative in ‘Life & Beth,’ Clare’s introspection leads her on a cathartic search, resulting in an upward trend in her life while helping others through her work.

4. Hacks (2021-)

In ‘Hacks,’ devised by Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, and Jen Statsky, the spotlight shines on the unlikely partnership between legendary comedian Deborah Vance and struggling young comedy writer Ava Daniels. As the two navigate the cutthroat world of Las Vegas entertainment, they form a complex bond that blurs the lines between mentorship and friendship. Deborah, a seasoned performer grappling with the challenges of aging in an industry obsessed with youth, finds a fresh perspective through Ava’s searing humor and contemporary insights.

Meanwhile, Ava, desperate to make her mark in the comedy scene, learns valuable lessons about resilience and authenticity from her seasoned mentor. If you liked the discussions on themes of aging, reorienting, and accepting change in ‘Life & Beth,’ ‘Hacks’ takes up similar explorations with grounded characters and a bold sense of humor.

3. Fleishman Is in Trouble (2022-)

Fleishman Is in Trouble,’ crafted by Taffy Brodesser-Akner, is a riveting drama series that revolves around Toby Fleishman, a middle-aged doctor who finds himself thrust into the chaos of single life after his wife abruptly leaves him. As Toby feels the foundations of his life shake, he has to face an uneasy relationship with his ex-wife as they take up the challenge of co-parenting. Just like Beth in ‘Life & Beth,’ Toby recounts his early days, thinking back to how he had gotten here. Both series involve their characters embarking on a journey of self-discovery while attempting to forge new relationships and maintaining tenuous control over their lives.

2. Not Dead Yet (2023-)

After suffering a breakup she left her job and country for, Nell Serrano returns to the US five years later and picks up her work where she left off. Newly single and having fallen behind, Nells struggles heavily to resettle into the world she had happily given up. To make matters worse, she is tasked with the obituary section of the newspaper. In an interesting turn of events, she begins to have visions of the people she reads about, leading to hilarious situations. Created by Casey Johnson and David Windsor, the show features a cast of colorful characters, each of whom shares a comical dynamic with Nell, ensuring that fans of ‘Life & Beth’ will crack a smile at their antics. Both series portray a protagonist who feels disconnected from their surroundings, thinking they are lagging behind in life, and eventually learning that there is a whole lot more to it.

1. Inside Amy Schumer (2013-2022)

‘Inside Amy Schumer,’ conceived and led by comedian Amy Schumer, is a satirical sketch comedy show that delves into various aspects of modern life through Schumer’s unique lens. Each episode is a blend of stand-up routines, sketches, and interviews, offering sharp commentary on topics like relationships, gender roles, societal norms, and current events. Schumer fearlessly tackles controversial issues with wit and humor, often pushing boundaries and challenging perspectives.

The show features a diverse cast of characters, including Schumer herself, who portray an array of relatable and absurd situations. Sharing their origins in the mind of Amy Schumer, ‘Life & Beth’ and ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ reflect several similarities, including refreshing takes on contemporary issues, irreverent humor, and an unapologetic approach to the subject matter.

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