Are Alexis Williams and Mike Gillislee From Selling Tampa Still Together?

Image Credit: Mike Gillislee/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘Selling Tampa‘ provides an interesting insight into the lives of several high-profile real estate agents working for Allure Realty in Tampa, Florida. It follows these agents around as they balance their personal and professional lives while dealing with top clients and selling multi-million dollar houses. Alexis Williams is one such highly successful luxury realtor who has come up the ranks to become one of the best at Allure Realty. With the show featuring her relationship with former NFL running back Michael “Mike” Gillislee, fans are clamoring to know if they are still together. Well, we come bearing answers!

Alexis Williams and Mike Gillislee’s Selling Tampa Journey

Alexis Williams joined the Sharelle Rosado-owned Allure Realty Agency in October 2019. Using her experience and talent, she quickly became a top agent and got quite successful in her job. Moreover, with Alexis now stepping into the glamorous world of reality TV, curiosity around her life is at an all-time high. On the other hand, Michael “Mike” Gillislee is a former NFL running back who rose to fame while playing college football for the University of Florida. In the NFL, he played for teams like the Miami Dolphins, the Buffalo Bills, the New England Patriots, and the New Orleans Saints.

Although Mike left the NFL in 2018, Alexis mentioned that he hasn’t wholly retired from the sport but was on his way to do so. Alexis and Mike go way back and got together when they were in college. After quickly taking a liking to each other following their first meeting, the two began dating. Soon, their friends and family members were amazed by the couple’s dedication, commitment, and undeniable chemistry. Alexis even mentioned that she and Mike are a team and have always taken on life’s challenges together.

Are Alexis Williams and Mike Gillislee Still Together?

Alexis Williams prefers privacy when it comes to her personal life, but it seems like she and Mike Gillislee are still going strong. With the couple being together from college, they were already engaged and living together at the time of filming. Moreover, Alexis stated how she has always been highly supportive of Mike’s career and even helped with his transition into everyday life after he retired from the NFL.

On the flip side, Mike loves supporting Alexis’ ambitions and often encourages her to give her best without caring about the inter-agent drama. Besides, the couple does not shy away from praising each other on social media, as Alexis posted a picture of them together with a caption that reads, “I’m so lucky to have you. We inspire each other on a daily basis & I’m so thankful we get to share these memories together.”

Mike, too, considers Alexis to be his strength and role model. However, the couple is quite reserved when it comes to updating their fans, and the last picture they posted together dates back to July 2021. Still, with no news on the couple at present, and nothing to suggest a supposed break up, it is safe to infer that Alexis Williams and Mike Gillislee are still together.

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