Where is Selling Tampa Filmed? Where is Allure Realty Located?

Netflix’s roster of binge-able reality productions is endless, and the massive success of ‘Selling Sunset‘ only opened up new doors, especially when it comes to the niche of real-estate dramas. Thus, it’s no surprise that the creators decided to follow another brokerage in another beautiful city for our entertainment. In other words, ‘Selling Tampa’ is just like the original version, but with more passion as the all Black and all-female cast is determined to prove their worth.

Revolving around the brokers and agents of Allure Realty, ‘Selling Tampa’ gives us an inside look into the glamorous, fierce, and opulent world of luxury waterfront properties on the coastline of Florida. Yes, the title of the series gives away its bright and warm setting. So now, if you wish to know where Allure Realty is located, along with the filming spots of this exhilarating show, we’ve got the details for you.

Selling Tampa Filming Locations

As mentioned above, ‘Selling Tampa’ is primarily shot in and around the Tampa Bay region, right where Allure Realty and its agents are based. The zone is known as the economic center of West Florida for a reason, but the fact that it has lavish estates to go with its family-friendly environment and tourist attractions are also a plus. With that said, the most famous city of the state – Miami – makes a brief yet astonishing appearance as well. Now, let us take a closer look at the places that feature in the series.

Tampa, Florida

As a top-notch real estate company that provides services to buyers and sellers alike across Tampa Bay and Florida, Allure Realty is located at 1315 East 7th Avenue, Suite 105 in Tampa. It has an incredibly hard-working team of agents and a great portfolio of properties, but the best part, at least for us at this point, is that they abide by the appropriate health and safety COVID-19 guidelines. Essentially, Allure Realty takes care of its clients in every way, shape, and form.

Apart from the Allure office, some of the filming spots for the show are local establishments like cafés, stores, and parks. These include  Forbici Modern Italian, Café Quiquiriqui, Remedy, Canvas Fashion Gallery, and of course, the renowned Perry Harvey Sr. Park. Located at 1000 East Harrison Street, the latter spans 11 acres. It blends art, history, and nature into a beautiful masterpiece. Moreover, some of you may even recognize Pier Teaki and The Getaway Bar and Grill in the city of St. Petersburg, which lies in the Tampa Bay area.

Miami, Florida

Coming to Miami, the shooting for ‘Selling Tampa’ season 1 mainly took place at the SLS South Beach Hotel, where the cast stayed during their team getaway. Since the trip doubled as fun and work, we got to see some wondrous estates as well as the true beauty of The Magic City. Even eateries like Mayami Mexicantina and Bar feature in the series, making the Southeastern Florida experience genuinely complete.

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